Picked in Pairs

July 12, 2011
By LovelyLady BRONZE, Georgetown, Texas
LovelyLady BRONZE, Georgetown, Texas
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As she walked across the room her legs stiffened, her breathing was tighter and she was nervous as hell. Looking at all the faces and trying to keep her cool. She walked up to the Cafe and order a Sprite. Taking the can she made her way through the crowd and sat down on one of the plush red couches. OK Alex. Stay calm breath regularly. And most of all don't choke on your soda. You can do this. Relax.

Her pep talk was interrupted by a woman who looked to be about in her thirties, "Alex? This is John." She waved her hand in the direction of a boy standing next to her. Wow. Now HE is gorgeous. She stood up careful not to spill her soda. "Hi." She waved. Sort-of. "Hi." John said, "You can sit with me for bible study service." The older woman said, "John is new too. This is only his fourth time coming." Alex checked out his features. Tall, that's good. Doesn't stink, even better. And has the most adorable baby blue eyes, awesome. Someone stood up behind the DJ stand, "Alright everyone its time to head on over to service. Five minutes." "Well, you too go on ahead." Then that was it. The older woman, who's name was Margret according to her name tag, walked of leaving John and Alex standing there. John was the first one to speak, "We should go if we're going to get a good seat." "Yeah." Alex replied. Yeah? Nice one Alex. Yeah. They walked outside and to the building next door. "Sooo, where are you from Alex?" John asked.
"Oh. I'm from Arizona. Just moved here last week."
"Hmmm. I thought you were from somewhere that got a lot of sun. Your really tan."
"Ha-ha. Yeah, people always think I'm from Florida. Where are you from? John right?"
"Yeah, it's John. And I'm from Montana. But I don't sound like it. My dad is from New York and my Mom is from Montana."
" Oh. That's cool."

They were inside now. It was a gigantic room with hard metal chairs and a small stage at the front. Teens were milling around, either trying to find a seat or not finding a seat but just standing there. They found a seat towards the middle. "Is this good for you?" John asked pointing to two chairs. "Yes. It's fine." They sat down and service started. Barely speaking they both got a chance to think. I wonder if he minds dragging me around. He probably does, but then again he is new so he must not have any friends yet. I'll have to hang on to him for awhile.

And she did. Every Wednesday they sat together and talked and laughed. Eventually he got her number and they texted. They didn't date but hung out. And soon they formed a friendship so strong nothing could tear it apart. Many would think that this relationship would turn into something romantic, but it doesn't always have to... In this case though, it does.
The End

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