July 1, 2011
She burst through the door in a fit of energy, not even bothering to close it behind her as he strolled softly up the driveway. Bare feet slapping the pavement, she launched herself at him, enveloping his body with her arms and his lips with hers. They kissed as lovers do, tongues mixing passionately, as if hoping for something more, though they both knew that there wouldn't be. He pushed her gently backwards, wrapping her hands in his, until they hit the wall of the house. He ran his fingers through her hair, tasting and smelling her simultaneously. She did the same to him, drawing him closer to her and holding him there, never wanting to let him go.

Suddenly, she pushed him away, tears springing to her eyes. Her eyes screamed what her mouth could only whisper,
'How could you try to leave me?' His tears matched hers, and he bit his bottom lip in the way that she hated, his silent way of saying 'I don't know.' He reached for her, wanting in that instant to hold her against his chest, to feel the warmth of her skin against his, but she pulled away, her lips forming the words that would break his heart, 'I can't do this anymore.' She folded her arms across her chest, preparing to make him broken, and he backed up, making the physical distance between them just as great as the emotional one.
'You don't have to say it. I already know,' he said, trying to let her go easily, so that in the future, he could pretend that the break up was mutual, and not that she killed him in the driveway of her house. But he couldn't even look her in the eyes, just at the ground where her feet where. He felt like begging, but knew that this was killing her too. 'Just, don't say it.'

She leaned against her garage door, sobbing loudly, practically screaming, as he continued to back away. He started to turn, knowing that if he looked at her much longer, he would never leave as she collapsed to the ground. He longed for the days when they were one solid being, and not two people drifting slowly away. He stopped walking and dropped to his knees, cringing as the tar hit his sensitive bones. And just like that, they were two people dying without each other.

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