Flaming Hearts

July 1, 2011
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When I met him, I was just an insecure teen. When I lost him, I became an insecure teen who knew what love felt like. Every time I felt him around me, I felt safe. He was the clichéd knight and shining armor when it came to being with me, making sure that I don’t slip back into my depressing aura. I always thought that losing him would be the worst thing that would ever happen to my life . . . turned out it wasn’t.

Lying under the stars with his arms around my lower side, I clenched into him some more, inhaling his tantalizing scent. He looked at me with his piercing dark green eyes and said the words I love you under his breath. I repeated it to him and he then kissed my forehead. I didn’t think that love can get any stronger than this. All of my insecurities were gone when I was with him.

All of the stars that were possible to shine over us were out at this time. I checked my watch, midnight. I fell asleep while saying the word. I felt him hover over me for protection from anything that could have possibly harmed me in the night. Almost into my dreamland- escape, I felt myself getting colder. I woke up to find myself uncovered with his body. I sat up and looked around. I saw him with a flashlight looking into the bushes. I got up and asked him what was happening. He said nothing, but continued to look into the bushes. He then yanked my arm into the car and started the engine, but it wouldn’t budge.

He grabbed me out of the car and started running in the opposite direction. I heard a loud explosion come from the car. I was in awe. I couldn’t move, but I guess him dragging me was good enough. When I regained awareness of my surroundings I shouted at him as loud as my voice would let me. He replied only saying, “Droids”. I was so confused; I thought he was delusional and that I was in love with the most insane person on the planet at the moment. He picked me up with incredible strength and leaped off the ground so high that it took me about a minute to realize we were flying.

“What are you doing!?” I asked him, not letting go of his shoulder.

“Trust me.” He said. “If you love me, you’d be able to trust me through all of this.”

I did, I loved him too much to say no. We ended up stopping about ten minutes later, still in the woods. He only explained to me to love him, no matter what happens. I agreed, still very curious of what was going on.

He started to glow beneath his shirt. It wasn’t the usual green-chemical-waste type of glow, but was silver, and went in a curved line from his right chest to his navel. I was too scared to ask what it was. All of a sudden he exerted a shout from his body which sounded like pain. I was scared for my life now. I didn’t know if I was going to die or if I was going to see my family again. He tried to say words but they just came out as gibberish. I was losing faith in him; I didn’t if he was going to attack me because of rapid bursts of exertion, of if he was just going run away and leave me here. I doubted his love for me every time his crescent-shaped scar glowed brighter.

He told me to give him a pen and paper, or anything that could’ve have made vivid words, luckily since we came here straight from school I had a wrinkled folder sheet in my back pocket and a pen in my jacket pocket. He grabbed them from me, leaving a scrape-mark on the lower part of my right thumb. I was so scared that my love for him was gone; all that was their now was fear. I was so afraid of his agonizing shouts and constant spasms that I didn’t know who he was anymore.

He let out one final scream, so loud that it actually moved the earth under me. The so called “droids” were coming this way, I could hear them. I looked back to witness their faces but I couldn’t help to turn back around and see how he was doing. Sadly, he was gone. I turned back around to see if one of the “Droids” had taken him, but they were gone too. I shouted out his name multiple times, and then finally fell to the floor, drowning in my own tears.

The note he was writing on was right above my head, but I couldn’t pick it up, I was hoping for him to return. My love grew stronger every time I recognized how much I missed him. After about ten minutes I collected the note, knowing this was the only thing I had left of him. It read, “I’m so sorry that I left you, but it was you’re love that was keeping me here on earth and not dying a painful death in my world, but as the flame in your heart weakened, so did my body and soul. I’m so sorry that it came down to this but not telling you sooner is the only thing I regret. I was going to do to it tonight, but the Droids wouldn’t let me. I’m so sorry once again and I’m sure there’s someone out there who’ll make you forget about me. Your heart has burned out for me, so rekindle a flame with someone else, even if you do it just for me.



My heart sunk into the deepest abyss possible, I couldn’t go on knowing that this was my fault. I never would’ve thought that he losing me would be the saddest day of my life. I lay there in that exact location until someone found me. No one did. Both are flaming hearts were now extinct. Since no one but me could have his heart, no one but him could have mine.

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