The Prize- Or Not

June 30, 2011
By moeezy BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
moeezy BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Francine and Susan fight over the new guy named James. Susan is popular, while Francine is average. Susan is a snob and flirts with every boy she sees. Francine is athletic, which gives her the thought that James might like her more than Susan. But will james be forced to choose? Or will he pick someone else?

Chapter 1: The Competition
The prize-or not
By Monique Harmon

10th grade Francine Waltz walked to her first class of the day- English. Francine was an honor roll student who had black hair, brown eyes, and big, beautiful brown cheeks. She was a happy-go-lucky kid. She was even happier today because she had brown highlights in her hair.

“Good morning Mr. Ark,â€? she said to her English teacher.

“Well, good morning Ms. Waltz. How are you?â€? he said.

“Good,â€? she said. She sat at her seat in the front row. As the class filed in, Francine took out her book for class and started reading. Then she saw her friend Molly walk in. Molly was the average type girl. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big grin everywhere she went. She was the type of girl that got the scoop on everything. And the irony was that she disliked news reporters. She thought they got into too many people’s business.

“Hi Molly,â€? Francine said.

“Hey girl. I got to tell you something really good. There’s a new boy and he is so hot. He’s from the north side of Philadelphia,â€? she said. They lived close to Center City.

“What does he look like?â€? Francine asked.

“He’s black. He has brown eyes, black hair that’s braided, and he’s 6 feet tall,â€? Molly replied.

“Ahhh!â€? Francine squealed.

“Quiet down girls. Molly go sit down,â€? Mr. Ark said. Molly sat down. After English, they went to History.
œSo, do you know his schedule?â€? Francine asked.

“No, but I’ll figure it out by lunch,â€? Molly said. They went in the classroom.

“There he is,â€? Molly said. Francine looked at him. He was hot. There were jocks sitting around him talking.

Francine and Molly sat down. In History, they just took notes which allowed Francine to look at the boy full force. When he turned to look at h er, she instantly turned to Molly and pretended to try to ge! t her at tention. Molly didn’t even turn which was funny. Two hours later was lunch. Francine and Molly sat at their usual table with eight other girls. All of them were friends. But they weren’t popular. They were known, but they weren’t at the top. The one at the top was that no-good Susan Parks. Susan was what you call a snob with no brains, but still had the looks and the power to subdue high school men. She was currently talking to the new boy now.

“His name is James and he’s 16. He has only 2 classes with us and that’s History and Gym,â€? Molly said.

“We don’t have gym together,â€? Francine said.

“I know. You have History and Gym with him, I have History and band with him,â€? Molly said.

“Okay,â€? Francine said.
œWell I gave you the info. Let’s go over and get a seat,â€? Molly said.



“For one thing, it’s crowded, and two, I want to meet him when they’re not around,â€? she said.

“Francine, they’re going to be around him for DAYS. You’ll be lucky if he hears you say hi to him,â€? Molly said.

“That’s okay. I’ll be patient,â€? Francine said.

Later in Gym… Francine said bye to Molly and changed into gray sweat pants and a black t-shirt. Just then, Susan came in,

“What’s up Fran Fran?â€? Susan said. Susan knew Francine disliked that name very much.

“Hi Susan the soup head. The little intelligence you do have slips out of your head,â€? Francine said.

“Don’t get all hype because it’s only me and you up here. My friends and I’ll jump you,â€? Susan said.

“You couldn’t do one on one?âœOf course not. That’s boring,â€? Susan said as she walked out. As Francine walked downstairs, she saw people crowding the door to the gym. Only because everyone was trying to get a hand on James’ schedule. They wan! ted to g et a good look at him too. Francine tried to get by, but it was like she was in New York Times Square.

“Excuse me,â€? she said politely. The wild frenzy wasn’t disturbed.

“Excuse me,â€? she said louder. Finally, she decided to just push. She finally got in the gym and smiled when she saw the volleyball net up. She loved volleyball. She saw her jock friend Spencer.

“Hey Spen,â€? she said. He gave her a hug.

“Yo, that James guy is cool. He’s funny and crazy and his dad is a NBA basketball player. He’s awesome,â€? Spencer said.

“You playing volleyball?â€? Francine asked.

“Yup,â€? he said. They played and played, and played. Now it was the game point. Whoever got this would win the game. Francine and Spencer were on the same team.

“Come on girl, let’s do this,â€? he said.

“Alright, alright,â€? she said. But she had to look at James. There were still people around him, but a lot had cleared away to play the game, so he was sitting on the bleachers uncluttered.
€? Francine asked. œOh my gosh, an Angel on earth,â€? she said like a singsong bird.

“Francine! Francine!â€? her team yelled. The ball would hit her in 3 seconds. But she thought fast, and hit it over the net in an area the other team couldn’t reach. Everyone cheered and ran like raging cattle to the locker rooms.

“Good job Francine,â€? Spencer said. Francine smiled and wiped her face with her hand. James walked towards her. She looked around. Nobody else was there. She was nervous.

“Hi…um I’m James. I just wanted to say you schooled that other team with your moves. It’s like you were flying,â€? he said.

“Thanks James,â€? she said blushing.

“What’s your name?â€? he asked,


“Cool name. Maybe I’ll play next time,â€?


“Well see you around,â€? he ! said as he walked away.

Francine finally went to her locker. Susan was there with a friend.

“Excuse me,â€? Francine said. Susan didn’t move. “Excuse me Susan,â€? she said louder. When she didn’t move, Francine just said, “Move!â€?

Susan moved, but she said, “Don’t think just because you’re so good at sports that you can have James.â€?

“What are you talking about?â€? Francine asked.

“I saw you talking to him,â€? Susan said.

“Yup. We were talking,â€? Francine said.

“Stay away from him,â€? Susan said.

“Girl, what do you care if I talk to him? You slept with every boy here,â€? Francine said.

“Are you jealous? He doesn’t want you anyway. You nerd,â€? Susan said.

“Dummy,â€? Francine said and left.

The next weeks were good and bad for Francine. The good was that she got to say hi to James all the time becaus e they both played in gym and he really liked when she played. The bad was that Susan kept bothering her like an annoying monkey.
œWhy do you keep talking to him? I said leave him alone!â€? Susan yelled one day.

“Shut up! I can talk to whoever I want to!â€? Francine said.

“That’s why he asked me to the dance,â€? Susan said, her nose all in the air.

“The dance this Friday?â€? Francine said.

“Yes. Poor you,’ Susan said.

Francine ran down the steps. She had to see James.

“I heard you’re going to the dance with Susan. Are you?â€? she said.

“No,â€? he said.

“Who’re you going to the dance with?â€? she said.

“I don’t know,â€? he said as he escaped.
At lunch, Susan spread the rumor that James was taking her to the dance. Everyone crowded around her. She made James sit with her. He looked very uncomfortable. M olly went to Francine.

œGirl, they’re goin! g to the dance together,â€? she said.

“No, they’re not. James told me they’re not,â€? Francine said. Molly looked at him.

“He does look uncomfortable,â€? she said thoughtfully.

“Let’s spread a rumor that she’s a lesbian,â€? Francine said. Molly had a wicked grin.

Susan found all about the rumor of her being a lesbian, so she fought Francine. Everyone was rooting. “Fight! Fight! Fight!â€? they yelled. Francine knocked Susan to the floor and beat her up good. Just then, a presence stopped all the kids from being loud and wild. They fell silent. It wasn’t the principal. It was James. Francine and Susan were still fighting.

“YO! Stop! Stop!â€? he said.

“Which one do you want, James boo?â€? Susan said.

“For what?â€? he said.

“The dance!â€? Francine said.

“I’m much better James,â€? Susan said.

“You’re a slob and a snob ,â€? Francine said.

“Your mom,â€? Susan yelled.

“I’m not going to the dance with either of you!â€? he yelled and ran out of school. Just like that, the competition was over

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