Free at Last

June 29, 2011
There Penny sat gazing at the ring that he had given her. On that ring was the picture of a rose. And that rose had symbolized that he loved her and would never leave her. But she was sitting there, her eyes red from crying all night long. And where was he? No where in sight. He had left her for that woman he had met at the super market. Typical Josh, leaving me for some woman he barely knows. All he wants her for is her looks. But still she couldn’t help the jealousy. It swelled in her body, and bitterness rose to her throat. How badly she wanted to get revenge. Oh how bad. For all the names that he had called her, and all the time and effort she had put out for him. And not a thing was returned. Not an ounce of respect.

She was going to get revenge one way or another. Whether it be going out with all of his best friends, or something else. She got up off the floor and went over to the window gazing out.

And almost like an angel had been listening to her thoughts, there was Josh. Standing right outside his window looking as pitiful as Penny felt. Penny opened her door.

Her first words to him were harsher than she intended them to be. “What do you want Josh.”

Josh said nothing in return. He turned around as to walk down the few steps, but suddenly whipped back around to face her.

“ Penny, I made a huge mistake going with Lindsay.”

So Lindsay is her name? Well I can tell you one thing Josh. You deserve her. You have come all the way up here for nothing. I’m leaving with my self respect and dignity. And what are you leaving with? A ring. And nothing else.”

And Penny threw the ring at Josh, aiming for his face, but hitting the spot where his heart was. And the ring broke into two. As if saying that the two were going down different roads. And for the first time since the night that Josh had left her, Penny felt free.

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