The Feel Good Summer

June 19, 2011
"Everything is absolutely perfect!" Emmy Sanders exclaimed looking quite satisfied staring at her stuffed suitcase. "This is going to be the best vacation ever!"

"Emmy are you ready to leave?" Her mother yelled from the downstairs.

"Just a minute mom!" Emmy said and looked herself over in the mirror one last time. Emmy was a short girl with fire red hair, brown eyes,a freckle-sprinkled face and braces. She wasn't a typical pretty but just something about her always happy attitude and her always smiling face made her beautiful."Ready mom!" She said smiling wide at Caroline Sanders. She was a woman probably in her late 30's with dark curly brown hair, the same brown eyes emmy had and pale skinned. She was always nice looking and had the cheery smile to match.

"Emmy we are only going to Seattle for a week! You look like your ready to live there." Caroline laughed helping her daughter lug a huge suitcase.

"Well you can never be too prepared mom." Emmy laughed as they were finally able to get the suitcase down the stairs.

"Well we should probably get to the airport shouldn't we?" Caroline asked. "Load up the van Emmy." She said following her daughter.

Two hours later Emmy and Caroline got off of the plane. Emmy grinning from ear to ear listening to Owl City's song Hello Seattle. Which was so fitting since that's where her and her mom were going to be staying for the next week. Everything here seemed to be bright and lit up. The city's skyline lit up casting a bright glow on the beach. Even at this time the city was hustling and bustling...especially at the pier where it looked like a fair was going on. There was a Ferris Wheel, game booths, with many food vendors and people running about.

"Mom my I go down to the pier?" Emmy asked looking out the hotel's window in awe.

"As long as your back by midnight of course you can...I hear that it's one amazing festival down there." Caroline smiled at her daughter. Emmy practically ran to the festival and bumped into someone on the way.

"Sorry!" Emmy mumbled looking up to see a boy with sandy blonde hair and eyes as green as a forest. He was tall and lanky but looked strong.

"'s ok."I am sorry he said. "I'm Derek by the way." The boy said giving Emmy a hand helping her up.

"I'm Emmy"She said blushing. She couldn't believe she just fell down and ran into this very cute boy.

"Are you new here? I could show you around." Derek offered smiling at Emmy.

" mom and I are here on vacation and she let me come and enjoy the festival" Emmy said obviously flirting. For the next hour her and Derek had a great time laughing, talking, and playing games.Derek even won a teddy bear and gave it to Emmy

"Would you like to ride the Ferris wheel with me, before you leave?" Derek asked a bit shy.

"Ummmm I am not to sure I am afraid of heights." Emmy said stumbling over her words. Derek gave her that weird fluttery butterfly feeling....he's just a boy. She thought. But he wasn't just that. He was amazing and incredibly nice to her, no guy ever was this nice to Emmy, so Derek made her feel different and liked.

"Don't worry...I won't let anything bad happen." Derek offered Emmy his hand and she took it all of her fears melting away. She had always feared Ferris Wheel's but with Derek she felt she could do anything. "See that wasn't so bad was it?" He smiled.

"Thank you Derek." Emmy said leaning against him. "This night was amazing." She looked up at him and he placed a gentle kiss on her forhead.

"You said you will be here for the next week where can I find you if we wanna hang out again?" He whispered all the sudden becoming shy.

"I'm at the Greenfield hotel and suites." Emmy smiled."Room 228. See you late Derek!" She waved heading back to the hotel.

"Later Emmy." He said softly looking at his hand where she wrote her room number smiling.

"Did you have a good time?" Caroline looked at her grinning, giddy daughter who just came back from the festival on the pier.

"Incredible...I met the sweetest guy too mom. His name was Derek. He won me this teddy bear." Emmy showed her mother.

"Awe well that was awfully sweet of him. You should probably get some rest dear." Caroline said kissing her daughter on the top of the head.

The next day Derek and Emmy hung out again. Getting to know each other more. They had a lot in common....They both were being raised by their mothers, they both hated the color blue, their favorite food was tacos...and many other things. Emmy loved spending time with Derek and though he was wonderful. They spent the rest of the week laughing, talking, hanging out, swimming, going on walks and getting to know each other...becoming best friends. But their time was getting short.

"I am really going to miss you Emmy." Derek said giving her a light kiss on the beach as they were watching the sunset.

"Who says this has to be the end?" Emmy asked her voice no louder than a whisper.

"Well you said your leaving tomorrow..." Derek said looking at Emmy with serious eyes. "I love you Emmy...these past few days have been the best of my life and..." Emmy caught off his rambling with a kiss as the day on the beach grew into twilight.

Ok guys....should I continue this???? Do you like it? Comment critique rate??? Please...I must know these things! And some parts if I get enough people wanting me to continue this will be extended...I know I don't give too much detail but that's why it's just a short story...I people want me to continue it I will add and extend stuff. Well I hope you enjoyed this! :)

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