That Noob [Part 1]

June 25, 2011
He was a bully.
He was my bully.
He was my bully because he loved me.
Jeremy was the class clown. No matter how much trouble he could get into he would be able to make a joke out of it. He didn’t care what anyway thought or said, he only cared to be himself. I liked that about him. But that was the only thing I could like about him.
I barely knew him. I had only seen him a little. He was in my orchestra class in 6th grade but then he transferred out to a higher level and that was the last I was going to see of him. At least that’s what I thought, but two years later we ended up in the same class. History.
When you are little we always hear teachers and parent and friends say, “When they tease you, it’s because they like you.” He wouldn’t stop. He teased me for 8 months. He teased me at school. And then when I got home he would send me a message on Facebook. It wasn’t a sweet love note saying sorry either.
After a while I didn’t care. I actually looked forward to whatever insults he could make up. So when I let him have my number I couldn’t have guessed what he was going to text me.
The first text he sent, he said “Hey, it’s Jeremy.” Then right after I read that one, another one came. I figured it was going to be the first of many insults I was going to get from him through text.
But it wasn’t.
He actually tried to have a normal conversation with me. After 5 minutes of no insults I asked him why he stopped. He said, “Because I don’t want to insult you anymore.”
I asked why, “Because I think you’re amazing and I’m so sorry for everything mean I’ve ever said to you, and I’d hope you’d forgive me.”
I checked who the text was from. Then I asked who was texting me, because it certainly wasn’t Jeremy.
“What? Do you not believe me?” was his reply. “No,” was my response.
“Well, would you believe me if I said you were the most beautiful girl in the world and that I couldn’t imagine living without you? What if I said you were the only reason I am happy and that seeing your smile is the highlight of my day? “
I couldn’t and didn’t believe him.
“Well then, Jeremy, why was I the object all of your teasing was aimed at? Why did you think it was okay for you to say those things to me, especially if you felt this way about me?”
“Because I didn’t want anyone to know I liked you. “
I don’t think he was ever told teasing a girl pretty much sealed that deal.
“Yeah, right. Jeremy, I still don’t believe you. Of all the things you could do to a girl, acting like you like her and saying things to make her believe you are the worst insults you could ever give when they aren’t true. I can’t believe you would stoop so low to make me feel like trash.”
“Why are you giving me such a hard time? I meant everything I’ve said to you and would do anything to make you believe me. “
How much does he think “anything” covers...?

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ViolaSmartie said...
Jul. 13, 2011 at 9:51 pm
WOW! I didn't think anyone was really going to like my story. I'll try and add more detail as you guys have recommended. I've never been the best writer so your comments have come as a surprise. Thanks!! and I'll put the next part up as soon as I can.
Mykindapeopledontcarewhatyouthink said...
Jul. 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm

tbh I did not have very high expectations of this story when i saw the title, but i was wrong becouse its pretty good. Quite enjoyable. I think you can add more details about the characters life and physical appearances but thats pretty much the only thing. 5/5


billgamesh11 said...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 8:46 pm
I liked it and i can't wait for part 2 to come out!!!! Maybe you should have put in what he called her, but still it was good and the last line is exactly how i feel!!!:)
misswindsor said...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 3:21 pm
Sounds like my life story. I love the last line. It's a great way of foreshadowing.. please write the next part!!!!
..RJ.. This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 11:35 am
I like it,,  just.. put a little more detail into it?    but it's good. keep going :)
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