Lover's Window

June 23, 2011
By SavannahLashaye SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
SavannahLashaye SILVER, Douglasville, Georgia
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The eminent mistake of the treacherous widow can easily be mistaken as a need for attention, but more likely in the eyes of the Beholder, but it is mere grievance for the one lost without a trace of hope. As she looks through the window, she sees her departed lover, teary eyed, arms out, waiting for her to embrace him, she cries out for him; but he disappears into the early morning wind. She drags her body back into her comfort place and dreams once more. She awakes with heartache, a hand on her cheek, as she looks up, he stand there, scarred and hurt. "Every mark represents the pain and heartache you put me through", he said with teary eyes... She dropped to her knees and cried out to the heavens.. and looks at him with tearful eyes.. He then turns away an says, "Goodbye my love, my love for you is no more. Move on, for I have done so..." He then disappears one last time into the sky. She stands up, tired, sorrowful, and goes back to her bed. She cries into her pillow, wishing, wishing she could let go but her love for him was too strong. "How can I love someone who doesn't love me back?!", she screamed... He husband then awakes, seeing his wife crying. She looked at him and smiled but he turned away. He never died she thought, but his love for her did. His emotions were dead towards her. She grabbed his hand and whispered, "I know what I've done to you."... She took off her ring and placed it in his hands and disappeared into the morning sun.

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