She will be loved. Part 1

June 18, 2011
By ninjaprincess SILVER, Carson, Nevada
ninjaprincess SILVER, Carson, Nevada
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"Its funny how you can look at someone, and still feel that little spark. :) "

Hey beautiful, be over in 10?(: I smiled to myself. From: Vinny<3 Hitting reply, I said; Sounds like a plan(: and I pushed the send button, butterflies in every pit of my stomach.

7 months. That’s the answer I give when someone asks “How long have you two been together?” Its crazy to think that just 7 months ago, we were just friends. But were not your average teenage couple. He doesn’t just want what every other teenage boy out there does, and our dates aren’t exactly normal. We’ve never been out to a movie together on a date, because he thinks its not special enough. If we do want to see a movie though, he goes out of his way to make it special for me. Our first date wasn’t a romantic dinner, a walk on the beach, or watching fireworks on his rooftop. Our first date was him, his boys and me and we had an epic game of hide and seek. Best. Night. Ever.

“Do you mind?!” I heard someone outside yell. Narrowing my eyes I skipped over to my window and I opened my curtains.

“Baby, baby please, don’t do this!” I knew that voice a little too well when I saw a boy and a girl standing right outside my window.

“Stop following me you stupid piece of-” A female voice, that was also familiar boomed throughout the neighborhood. I winced at the last word, seeing he did as well didn’t make me feel any better. But the names just weren’t coming to me.

“Jess, Jess calm down and just listen to me!”

“No, Nick, I’ve given you way to many chances.” Well, that was convenient.

“Jess…” His voice cracked and it hit me. Nick Mara.

“Don’t call me that Nick! You know what you did!” Just as I thought, Jessica Reynolds. My best friend and his soon to be ex girlfriend arguing.

“No, Jess, I don’t.” He replied, taking a step towards her. She just shook her head and I could see the tears streaming down her face as the rain started to pour.

“I never want to see you again!” I could hear the sobs between her words as she pushed Nick backwards and sprinted off into a different direction. Nick fell to his knees and smothered his face into his hands. I couldn’t just leave him out there. Being the ninja that I wasn’t, I threw open my window and awkwardly dumped myself outside. Nick’s attention turned to me as I slipped and completely fell on my butt. Grunting, I got back up and hurried myself over to my broken best friend.

The author's comments:
Just a little piece of the story I'm writing. Please tell me what you think(:

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