Foster Tales

June 14, 2011
By Anonymous

There he was, Matt Dalton, the star of Jefferson High’s Football team with only twenty seconds to spare and three points down he looks to his wide receivers, but there not open. As the clock ticks he makes a run for it. Running he sees the fullback, 300 pounds of muscle and rage waiting to pound someone, coming at him with full speed. As miraculous it seemed with great style Matt faked right but spun left right into the in zone with just three seconds to spare as he just took his team to the finals. At that moment you could hear the hundreds of students cheering, “Matt, Matt, Matt,” as they rushed down to the field picking him up from his feet.

Suddenly Matt woke up as he faintly heard the voice of his math teacher Mr. Richards calling, “Mr. Dalton, wake up this instant! This is not one of your silly foolish games!” Just then Matt responded as if he was in bed and his mother walked in, “Yes mommy.” Everyone suddenly burst out into laughter except that one person who never ever in a million years would befriend Matt, Jenny Parker.

Since the time they met in elementary school Jenny and Matt have never got along. From playground nonsense, to food fights, and rejecting each others presence in class they have never seemed to work out together, but at one point Matt took it too far. One afternoon in Elementary School Matt was sitting down at the tables eating lunch with his friends when Jenny came to sit down across from him, since there was no where else to sit. Matt on the other hand just stared at her and started to whisper things to his friends. Then suddenly Jenny spoke with great fury and said, “Be quite Dalton or else I am going to tell everyone you’re a mama’s boy!” Matt was embarrassed because all his friends started to laugh. With great anger Matt made fun of Jenny’s eating disorder in which everyone knew about.

With that fatal blow a great silence fell upon everyone in the lunch room. Jenny took every single word to heart and burst into tears while she was running into the girl’s bathroom and from that day on Jenny and Matt never ever uttered a word about each other again. Here we are now in high school and things seem the same since then.

As the bell rings Matt sighs in relief for getting through the day, but just as he is about to leave Mr. Richards calls him over. “Matt in all my years I haven’t ever seen such disappoint in you. I mean come on you were once my ideal student. You maintained a high grade, played ball, and managed everything so well! I am worried about you Matt is everything okay,” Mr. Richards exclaimed in a worried tone. “Thank you for your concern, but I am alright. I should be leaving for football practice now,” said Matt, “I hope so,” Mr. Richards responded.

With great pace Matt rushed out the door and surprisingly collided into Jenny, but before he realized it was her he catches her in his arm. Both Matt and Jenny were stunned and were gazing into each others eyes for a while until Matt pulled her up and apologized. Jenny didn’t really respond just smirked as if she didn’t know it was Matt. Both of them eventually walked away, but continued to look back in a curious manner.

During football practice Matt continued to work hard as quarter back in order to win the championships which were coming up in a few short weeks. As quarter back Matt seemed like the most famous and well known person at Jefferson High and as important his image was at school his dedication to the sport was unreal. Through out the whole day Matt was thinking of only one thing and one thing only which was that moment after leaving Mr. Richards class and colliding into Jenny. It barely affected him at practice but all he could think of was that very moment, gazing into Jenny’s sparkling eyes.

After a good quality day of practice Matt had a quick discussion with coach involving Matt’s behavior in class lately. “Matt I had a quite a talk with Mr. Richards today and it seems your not doing to hot in his class,” said Coach Wilson. Matt replied, “Don’t worry coach its nothing I will get on top of it,” Coach Wilson nodded and ended it with, “ Well you know what to do I just want you to be ready for the championships.”

Day by day time passed and through out those days Matt worked harder and eventually the situation in Mr. Richards’s class got better. On some occasions Matt would sometimes look back at Jenny, but he couldn’t seem to notice that he was feeling something. A couple of times Jenny caught Matt looking and seemed to just ignore him. Just as things seemed to get better, Matt was notified that he didn’t have enough hours of community service to take part in school activities.

Matt was stressed out having the big game approaching and not having enough hours of community service. A counselor recommended to him that he should spend time tutoring at the elementary school he used to go to. Matt with no other choice accepted the suggestion and had to skip practice until he was done with his hours.

As Matt approached the school he started to recall his old memories of this place and most importantly of Jenny and him. When Matt entered the Library all the children quieted down and a Lady with her back turned to Matt was standing there and instructing the students. Just as she was done Matt moved toward her and asked, “Excuse me do you know where I can find miss,” just then Matt stops as he discovers that the lady was non other than Jenny. Jenny responded naturally and said, “Yah! Mrs. Garnet’s office is right there.” Matt just said, “Thank you,” and headed to Mrs. Garnet’s office.

Mrs. Garnet seemed nice and helped Matt get settled into tutoring. After about twenty minuets Matt was appointed his hours and left the office into the Library with much curiosity. As he walked around staring at Jenny he felt everything else around felt unimportant. Matt was contemplating if he should approach Jenny and talk to her. At the end he chooses to approach her and he was kind of scared of her response to this, but in the end it seemed like a good decision. Matt introduced himself and Jenny seemed to be ok with it.

From that day on Matt and Jenny started to talk more and more often. Both of them enjoyed each others company and had fun. They started to recollect all there moments in elementary school and laughed at how foolish they were. Matt even apologized for the incident in which he humiliated Jenny about her eating disorder.
Three days before the big game Matt was all ready for his role as quarter back and had all his hours done, but choose to tutor in order to hang out with Jenny. After hanging out such a long time with Jenny, Matt started to think and develop feelings for Jenny. Matt couldn’t wait any longer and came up to Jenny and said, “Jenny I know we have had our share of bad times and most importantly our recently good times. I have now realized my feelings for you so I want to tell you that I love you and want you to be there at my big game.” Jenny was astonished and because of that couldn’t say anything.

During the next three days Matt went to practice the whole time and started to doubt if Jenny would come. As he tried to reach her by phone he left numerous messages, but she never called back. On the other side Jenny was denying her feelings for Matt and was ignoring him. Time after time she would think about Matt, but again and again deny her feelings.

Game day had finally arrived and Matt worried that Jenny wouldn’t come. After sitting a while at home he wrote a poem for Jenny expressing his feelings. Before the game started Matt arrived at Jenny’s Door Step, knocked, and left putting the poem right next to her door as he left. When Jenny looked outside she didn’t see anyone, but did pick up the poem. Once she took it she didn’t really pay attention as to what it was.

After eventually a couple Hours Jenny finally picked up the poem and read it,

“Jenny my love
It is hard to say,
For I am nothing without you

You are like the diamond of the night sky
There are a million things I want to say,
But my Heart questions me here.

What I tell you in my dreams
I should whisper it in your ears
When I gaze into your eyes there is magic.
Your breath blows like a wind around me
Carrying my heart like a weightless kite

Grace and beauty walk with you
Every time I see your lovely sight
Jenny I just want to drown in your
Beautiful eyes never to surface again.”

After reading this Jenny cried tears of joy and finally accepted her feelings for Matt. Jenny as quickly as she could rushed herself to the game, but when she arrived she was too late everyone was gone, the scoreboard was off, there was no one in sight except a faint shadow in which was Matt’s. There he was with his gear standing there for Jenny. Jenny was worried and asked, “Am I too late,” and Matt just said with a big smile, “The celebration is tomorrow if you would like to come with me!” Just then Jenny ran into Matt’s arms and finally everything ended with just nothing, but a simple kiss.

The author's comments:
And along the journey came a young handsome man by the name of Billy. He seemed of sort of an intelligent man, but was not very expressive as others. Billy was dressed very differently than others. He would wear a pair of Converse sneakers, some jeans or khakis, and to throw it off a dress shirt. With him he carried a bag filled with his athletic gear, and a racquet that was very radical. His sport, tennis, was of great importance to him. He would everyday go to practice and train with 100% effort in order to get better, but at the end of the day Billy cherishes the time he spends with his family unlike other teens.

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