Shallow Man

June 22, 2011
It all started when we were 14. We were in 8th grade. We had basically the same group of friends and we had so much in common. We talked all the time and he told me everything. I was the first person he told when him and Rocky broke up.
“I can’t believe Rocky. We went out this whole year and she cheated on me basically the whole time. How could I be so stupid! “
Pat was devastated I couldn’t believe that Rocky could cheat on him. He was friends with everybody, he was so sweet and he had an amazing body. If I had him I wouldn’t even look at another guy. Pat was perfect in my eyes. I couldn’t even believe we were friends. I mean he was so hot and well… I was the fat girl in the group. He was the only guy that would talk to me in our group of friends.
“Pat you deserve so much better then her. You need someone who understands you. And really cares about you not just about your reputation.”
“I know. Your absolutely right. I don’t need her. I can do so much better then her.”
Thank god he was getting over her so quickly because I don’t know how much longer I could hold my feelings in.
“Hey Pat so I have something important to tell you. We talk all the time and your like my best guy friend and we have so much in common and well I really like you and I think we should go out. I mean at least give it a try.”
I can’t believe I had just said that. I felt scared, nervous, happy and relieved all at once. It was one of the best feelings in the world but also one of the worst.
“Oh I see. Well honestly I really do like you your so nice and funny and such a great friend.”
I couldn't believe this was happening. Nothing could ruin my day now.
“But I can’t go out with you. You see me and you are different. I’m going to be a football player next year and I have a reputation to hold up. Do you know how much crap I would get for dating the fat girl? I’m sorry but we just can’t.”
I couldn’t believe this. How could he care more about his reputation then how he truly felt? How could he build my hopes up like that just to knock them down? I hated him. I had never met someone so shallow before. But as sad as it is, that’s just the way things are now a days. Looks mean everything. And when you’re a teenager your reputation at school is so important. As much as I hated him I understood why he wouldn’t date me.

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