The Story of a Giesha

May 30, 2011
By , West Jordan, UT
Hana Kaneko was born on March 15th, 1980. She was the first born of Akemi and Kichiro Kaneko. They named her Hana because it means “favorite or flower.”, and her last name means “gold child.” She was a very beautiful baby, she really was a gold child. She was the child every mother and father dreamed of having. When Hana was one, Akemi bore a second child. It was a baby boy and they named him Shinji. When Shinji was born the family was so happy. Akemi and Kichiro were great parents to Hana and Shinji. They would take them on walks and to all the fun places little kids went to. When Hana was two, Akemi bore two more children. They were twin baby girls, Aiko and Aki.
During the year Aiko and Aki were born, Kichiro got a raise at work. This was great news to the family, they got more respect among there people. Two months after Kichiro’s raise, the Kaneko family moved to a bigger and better house. Two years later, when Hana was four almost five; Akemi gave birth to a baby boy named Michio. After having Michio, Akemi and Kichiro decided that there family was complete. They were doing amazingly good, and economically.
In 1986 when Hana was eight, their neighbors died in a car crash. They left four kids homeless. Akemi and Kichiro took those four kids in. The four kids were half american because there mom lived in the United States. There names were Aiden, Brooke,Hazuki, and Hayase. Aiden was 10, Brooke was 5, Hazuki and Hayase were 3 year old twin girls. The family was doing ok for about a year, when Kichiro lost his job. Akemi had to stop being a stay- at -home mom and had to find work. She found a job that didn’t pay much for the whole family of nine.
On March 15th ,1989, when they were celebrating Hana 9th birthday, Akemi called her daughter over ”Hana.” “Yes mom, what do you need?” said Hana “ Honey, dad and I have to talk to you about some important news.” “Ok mom, sounds good.” “ Lets go inside. Dad’s waiting for us inside.” said Akemi. Hana and Akemi sat down at the table with Kichiro. Hana asked “ So what’s going on?” Akemi answered “ Hana you know how we aren’t doing so good with money. We’ve decided that we need to give up some of our treasures.” “Ok that sounds good to me.” “Honey,we have to give away our house and your brothers and sister are going to be home schooled.” “So does that mean I’m only going to be going to school?” “Hana, I don’t know how to say this but we can’t afford to keep you here. We have to give you up to The School for Geishas.” Hana crying, “What!! No mom, no I can’t go to that school. I don’t want to be a geisha. I can go work instead, oh please oh please just let me work instead.” “NO! Hana we wont let you work, your to young to have a job. So the only choice we have is to take you to The School of Geishas. Hana not one word comes out of your mouth. Please go get your stuff.” Said Kichiro.
While crying, Hana gathers her stuff to leave. As she descends the stairs, her whole family is waiting in the living room. They all hug Hana goodbye and tell her they love her. Her parents take her to The School of Geishas. Once they arrive, they hug Hana and her mom says “Remember Hana we all love you. When we get more money I promise I will come back for you.” “Ok. Please mom hurry. I don’t wanna stay here.” said Hana. They said their goodbyes, and that was the last time Hana saw her family.

At The School of Geishas, Hana didn’t enjoy it at all. She would’ve rather been at school then just learning about the arts and music. But after nine years of studying to be a Giesha, Hana, was the best of her class. She was the best at entertaining and playing instruments. Even though Hana was the best she didn’t enjoy it as much as the other girl. On May 22nd, 1988, Hana graduated from Geisha School.
After she graduated, she went to work at club were the best Geishas’ worked. She actually enjoyed her time in that club. It was a whole different experience from just sitting in a class all day. Even in this club she became famous, everybody wanted Hana to entertain them. One night in July, a very rich young man requested for Hana to entertain him. Hana went and entertained him. During this time that Hana was entertaining this young man, she realized how much she loved being a Geisha. After she was done the young man said, “ You are the best geisha I’ve ever had entertained me. What is your name?” “My name is Hana Kaneko.” Said Hana “It’s nice to meet you Hana. My name is Akihiko. Since I enjoyed your entertaining could you please come entertain at my party this weekend?” “Well, yes I would love to, but I have this client who always wants me on the weekends.” “ Can’t you just do it this one time?” “ I would but this man named Mamoru is very controlling. He thinks that I only belong to him, but that isn’t true.” “ Well let me talk to him so you can come work at my party.” “ Ok sounds good Akihiko.” said Hana. Akihiko called Mamoru. Mamoru said it was fine for Hana to work this weekend at Akihiko’s party.
On Saturday she went to Akihiko’s house and entertained his guest. They all enjoyed her very much. After the party was over, Hana and Akihiko talked. “ You know your one amazing Geisha. Actually the best I’ve seen. Your funny and enjoyable to be around. Your also an amazing musician. Hana, I really like you. Not in a sense that your fun, but I like you as someone to love.” Said Akihiko “ Thanks. Akihiko, I like you to, but you know a Geisha can never date or have a lover.” Said Hana. “ I don’t care about their rules. Lets meet secretly or either just stop being a Geisha. I’m rich enough for you not to be a Geisha.” “ That sounds like an amazing plan, but I love being a Geisha. Also you know Mamoru wouldn’t be happy with that. He would get mad and I cant stand that!” “Who cares, he isn’t of any importance. So forget about him.” Said Akihiko. For a whole year Hana saw Akihiko secretly.
On January 3rd, 199O Akihiko proposed to Hana. Hana said yes. Akihiko and Hana were so happy and excited to be together. Hana decided to not be a Geisha anymore. She resigned her job at the club, but the hard part was telling Mamoru that she wasn’t going to work for him. The next night Hana went to Mamoru’s place. After she was done entertaining she said to Mamoru, “Mamoru, I am resigning to be a Geisha. So I won’t be coming anymore.” “What! What do you mean your not a Geisha anymore? Why are you doing this?” Said Mamoru. “ Well I am in love with Akihiko. As a Geisha doll I can’t fall in love with anybody.” “That doesn’t matter. Remember you belong to me. I personally pay you to come to my house to entertain me.” “I don’t belong to you. Anyways it’s my choice on what I want for my life.” Said Hana. Mamoru got up and slapped Hana. “ You are mine , I choose what you do, not you. So you will tell your lover boy you never want to see him. Is that clear?” “How could you slap me? I am never coming back Mamoru. Just find another Geisha to entertain you.” said Hana. With those last words Hana started to leave. As she left, Mamoru shouted, “ If you leave and never comeback. I will personally make sure you don’t ever get a happy ending.”
On October 12th 1999 Hana and Akihiko were married. There wedding was small but beautiful. After the reception, they went on vacation for their honeymoon. On October 31st, when they were on their honeymoon, Hana thought she saw Mamoru. Akihiko told she was probably imagining things. Hana agreed and they went on with their day. After taking a shower she went to her room and found Mamoru holding Akihiko .“ Mamoru, what are you doing? Let go of Akihiko!” said Hana. Mamoru replied “ No Hana, I won’t let go of Akihiko. Remember when I told you would regret leaving me. Well I am going to make you live in plain misery.” With those last words, Mamoru took out his gun and shot Akihiko dead. Mamoru ran away and Hana ran to the floor where Akihiko laid. “Akihiko! Akihiko! Talk to me Akihiko!” Said Hana . “Hana…I’m here……….It’s ok.” said Akihiko. “ No! It’s not ok. Your dying. Please Akihiko don’t leave me. I cant live without out you.” “Hana…..I love you so much, even if I die we will see each other again in the other world…….goodbye” Akihiko stuttered. “NO! NO! NO! Akihiko talk to me! Please oh please Akihiko wake up! I love you….please.” said Hana. The night of October 31st, Hana’s life was ruined; and with so much grief of losing Akihiko she past away as well.

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