May 30, 2011
By , El Dorado, CA
Sorrow covered my body like standing in the poring rain. My mind was confused, my heart hurt, everything seemed the same on the outside but nothing was the same on the inside, it seemed like there was nothing that could go right. But everything that could go wrong. People tell you “You can do better” but to you its a lie. There is nothing better then him, he is everything, and to you he is the best.

My heart skips a beat every time my phone rings, I hope with all my heart that's its him, that his name will be on the screen. But as I pick the phone up and look at it, every time I find myself disappointed that its not his name on the screen. This only makes the pain so much worse, my mind is flooded with what I could have done to change this.

Every time I see him nothing else matters. Every time he looks my way it seems as if the world has stopped spinning. Every time I he walks past me and says nothing, it makes it seem as if he has no idea who I am, as if I'm just another person on the side walk that remains nameless to him. But of course he knows my name, he knows more about me then anyone else.

I guess this is just the pain that comes with love...?

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