the reaper

June 10, 2011
On this day September 1, 2001, Jordyn and Tom Got married. So on the next day, they want to find a house. They bought a house on J Street. They started moving the stuff in. The next day as Tom came home, he found Jordyn very ill on the sidewalk with a note. It said “I am the Reaper.” “Unless she comes to my haunted place she is going to die tonight”.

That night Tom walked down the disgusted streets like he was a detective. Irwin the spy followed him into the store. As tom was walking to the store he felt something behind so he looked to see what it was. He found just a trail of ink on the ground. Tom walked into the store. He found a second note that said that he should go to his work.
As he walked he saw that there was one person around the area. He found a police officer name Richard. Then after Tom left the police, Irwin made Richard disappear. Then Irwin went in to the Building and found the file on a computer. He printed the file off and then he went into the wall, disappearing from the world. Tom goes up and he finds a note on his desk. He finds out that Jordyn is gone and now he has to go look for her.
As Tom was walking on the street, He finds trace of bubble gum towards his Uncle’s house. Now he has a chance to see what is up. So he went in and he got smacked in the head with a baseball bat. Then Tom got stuck in a room with Jordyn. Now he does not know what is going on.
Tom said, “Hey Jordyn, I love you”.
Jordyn said, “I love you too”.
Irwin said, “Shut up in there”!
Tom finds a plan to get out. He sneaks with Jordyn out a vent. Then Irwin finds them Coming out of the vent and just put them in a very dark room. Then he came into the room and he came up behind them and put them to sleep.
Then the next day, Irwin went to their house and put them in it and left a note inside. When Tom and Jordyn woke up, they read the note. It is what the note said “You were forever together in one peace”. “But I’m still the reaper and I will come back”. It was signed by the Reaper. Then the reaper went back to where it came. He left the Cured potion. Then Tom and Jordyn never had a problem ever since the reaper left.

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