The bright stars

June 10, 2011
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I remember it all so clearly. The night sky was a deep, midnight canvas stretching into the distance for miles and miles. The grass was swaying with the mild force of the wind as if it was leading it on to dance. But my favourite part of the setting, the most beautiful thing I saw, was the stars. They all shone so brightly. Looking up, it was as if someone threw a million diamonds into the sky.
"Each star was once a person' you said. "It chooses it spot in the sky all so carefully so it watches over a place that brought them great happiness in their life's".
At that point you softly touched my hand. I turned to look at you and looked directly into your eyes. The emerald colour of your eyes was enough to make anybody fall in love. I wish I could have looked at them longer. A moment with you was enough to make all the pain and disappointment of life disappear; vanish like dust. You then held both of my hands and I felt like I was in paradise. Nothing could hurt me. Nobody would damage me.
"Promise me just one thing please" you pleaded
"Of course. Anything for you" I replied, still trapped in this perfect atmosphere.
"If I was to go, would you come back here?"
"Why would you go?"
Suddenly those emerald eyes of perfection seemed to fade away.
"Because nothing lasts forever".
My heart sunk just a bit. It was as if someone loosened the ropes and let me fall but still held on so I wouldn't die. I never thought that words could hurt in that way. Words were supposed to make you feel bad about yourself, to make you cry but then you would get stronger and move on. They weren't made to make you feel as if all the sorrow of the world piled itself heavily on your shoulders.
"Are you leaving me?" a tear ran down my face. Paradise at that point seemed like eternal nothingness .
"Not in the way you are thinking of". He then softly pulled me into his arms. His touch felt like the softest fur. He rested his head on my shoulder. "Just promise me that you will always come back here".
I looked up, not knowing that would be the last time your emerald eyes would sparkle like the stars.
"Ok, I promise"
"Good. I love you"
"I love you too"
Soon, he did go. Sadness descended on my world. My delicate heart was smashed into a thousand pieces, scattered everywhere and not wanting to be found. Darkness was a blind fold covering my eyes so I couldn't ever see the light. Happiness was just a dream that would never come true.

Time eventually passed by, slowly but swiftly. I somehow got over the heart break, the sharp razor like pain of your passing. I've moved on in my life. I'm going to university to study astrology. In science, stars aren't people who are looking down but I like to secretly think they are.
Before I go, I wanted to go back to that field. Nothing has changed at all, it's as if you had never gone and I'm waiting for you to meet me again like we used to. I immediately look up and see that the sky is still that same deep, midnight canvas. The stars are still as beautiful but one catches my eye in particular. A tear streams down my face.
The letter you left comes into mind.
'The field was my favourite place to be when I was with you. The grass reminds me of your delicate beauty, the sky makes me think about how you have protected me from all the darkness of the world and the stars are your love. Like you, they shine so beautifully and guide me through to the light. Remember what I told you on the field, that each star was once a person and that It chooses it spot in the sky all so carefully so it watches over a place that brought them great happiness in their life's. I'll be shining over the field looking for you when you visit.
You won't be there all the time, I understand. Don't be afraid to not go. I want you to be able to move on and live a wonderful life. I hope that you will find someone who will love you and take care of you. They'll be able to feel your love like I did and know that you are the most beautiful person ever.
Even though I will be just a star, your love will be in my heart forever.
I love you.'
I love you too, my star.

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