Geoffrey Chaucer's Unwritten Tale.

June 9, 2011
Then there was a young man, Chaucer was his name. He was a young squire with a giddy-up in his step. He looked to be a strong young fellow, somewhat tall in height, and as handsome as can be. He was the son of a well-to-do wine-merchant. He sat with the highest people in his town, and was known as much as people knew the sun rose in the morning. He was dressed in a golden coat, with a feathered hat atop his head. His weapon of choice was a double-edged sword as long as his legs, with it strapped on his back. His horse was as strong as an ox, and powder white with a fierce face. This young fellow was a smooth-talking young man, with his wits topping everything.

Chaucer’s Tale
I will tell a story of a beautiful princess, her father, the king, an average knight, and his muscular squire. These four were from Oxford, but the beautiful princess Anana was locked away in a tower or the death penalty, falsely accused. She was being kept in a castle, deep in the land of Narnia. Her father, King Xerxes, called upon Sir Chauncey and his squire Legalus to go and save her. “If you go and retrieve my daughter, then bring her back to me safely, I will reward you with a wonderful surprise,” Stated King Xerxes.

That next morning they set off with their steeds and gear. It was going to be a long ride, almost three days with little sleep. As they set off, the sun was falling and it would soon be nighttime. They rode vigorously, until they could not see their horses’ heads. So they set up a small camp, and both agreed that Sir Chauncey would take the first night watch. As soon as Legalus’ head hit the pillow, he was fast asleep.

He awoke the next morning to the sun shining through the branches of a tree, but as he rose he winced and noticed the sun was at its’ highest point in the sky. He then gazed around and noticed that their horses were gone, along with his friend Sir Chauncey. That very moment Legalus saw a tantalizing scene, three men riding horses over the ridge in the distance, holing Chauncey captive on the back, and following were their two horses. That second Legalus sprang to his feet, rustled through his gear to find his sword. He soon was on the move after his friend in need. Dashing through the field, leaping over brush, and swimming across a river, he was on a mission to find his friend. Legalus was soon there, peering over a hill down at the camp the kidnappers had built, along with Sir Chauncey tied up against a tree. The men looked very weary, and Legalus knew he had to strike at that very moment. He took a deep breath, and soon was lunging his sword into the first soldier, and slashing and swinging his giant sword, which was gleaming in the sunlight. The three men were on the ground dead, in the blink of an eye. As Legalus cuts Chauncey free, he thanks lord himself that he was not injured or dead. “Thank you Legalus; you are truly a wonderful friend!” Sir Chauncey exclaimed. They then gather their horses and gear back from camp, and ride off with no sleep, reaching Narnia in a mere two days.
The following day, they arrive at the castle where Princess Anana was being held. They soon begin devising a plan, which ended up with Sir Chauncey fighting his way inside to Princess Anana’s tower and then would have her climb down to Legalus who was waiting at the bottom with the get-away horses. They would then at that point ride off to safety. So off they went with Chauncey storming the castle, slaying guards one by one as Legalus stood by awaiting his part. But he soon began to grow impatient and wonder what was taking his friend so long, and after a while he decided to take matters into his own hands. He then scaled the tower and into her window where Princess Anana was pacing back and forth, “Alas, one has come to save me, what is your name kind fellow?” Said the princess, “Legalus, but we do not have time to talk, we must move swiftly!” Legalus replied as he hoisted her into his arms and climbed down the tower, with her in one arm, using sheer strength. Once he reached the bottom, awaiting him was Chauncey, “I was lost, I'm sorry.” Stated Chauncey, “Luckily I was prepared.” Scoffed Legalus. Then they rode off back to Oxford, with the radiant Princess Anana riding with Legalus.

As they roe up to the gates to the town square, King Xerxes and all of his followers were awaiting them at the gates. The king then stated, “Alas, our princess has returned to us! All thanks to the great knight, Sir Chauncey!” And the crowd roared with excitement, while Legalus stood by, in a somber mood. The princess and Chauncey are then whisked off to be fed and cleaned, while Legalus is left alone in the town square. And at that very moment, Legalus felt a very deep love for the gorgeous Princess Anana. His heart then started to weep.

That same night, there was an announcement by the king, and it was stated that Sir Chauncey would be married to Princess Anana due to his heroic acts. Following the announcement Legalus is snatched from behind, and pulled into a nearby alley. As he gazes into her eyes, he knows it’s none other than Princess Anana. “Oh Legalus, I'm sorry for you, my father is blind and gives no credit to a squire, even if it’s the most amazing man there is!” Princess Anana says, “What is this non-sense you speak of? Says Legalus. “I love you, and only you! Not that knight!” She replies. Legalus then grabs her face, and they share an intimate kiss, lasting as long as the sun is up during the day. But at that moment, Sir Chauncey sees that kiss, and sees that she loves Legalus, not him. He was so caught up in the recognition, he forgot about his friend. “That kiss was true love!” Exclaimed the knight! “WAIT! It was not me that saved your daughter King; in fact, I was nowhere to be found, while my friend Legalus saved her from that tower, and it’s him that she loves, not me!” Shouted Chauncey. The king then pondered what just happened, and decided that Legalus would be the one to marry his daughter, and be promoted to a knight. They were then married the next day, shared their lives together, and lived happily ever after.

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