The End

June 7, 2011
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You hold that gun in your shaky hands like you have the courage to end one of the pathetic lives in this room.
You hold that bitter gun in your mouth finger on the trigger closing your eyes tight.
Let the darkness come, clear your mind.....
The gun exits your open mouth and points to me.
"Don't you see?" I say. "My life means nothing to me. You would be wasting a bullet."
"I can't leave without you darling," you said. "You've kept me here this long, but I can't bare seeing you cry because of me."
"you know I love you and I'll go anywhere with you...."
"Then come with me now!....."
You walk closer to me and lower the gun.
I look into your eyes and I feel your heart beat beneath my newly raised hand.
 'a heart that will soon be still' I thought with a jolt
"Luka, I don't know anymore..-"
"Do you trust me?" your eyes claw deep into my heart
"Do... You trust me?" 
".....with all my beating heart."
"then hold my hand, feel the cold gun. kiss my lips, feel my love. Put your ear to my heart, hear the fear I have."
"what do u fear Luka?"
"leaving you behind."
You look down at me, a tear falling onto my forehead.
"I want to do this with you" you said
..."how will we do that? There's only the one bullet..."
" me" you said grabbing my hands, one against the cold gun....
We sit against the wall of our apartment. You sit, one arm around my waist the other against our hearts gun in hand... Your head hangs over my shoulder, eyes closed murmuring in my ear: "I love you. I love you. I love you...."
"Luka....raise the gun... We'll be okay, we're together."
You raised the gun against our hearts and lifted your head...
Your warm lips come close and kiss my own...

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