A Kiss Too Far

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Walking through the halls during passing time I wonder what is so romantic about the school grounds. Is Chef John spiking meals with aphrodisiacs, do lunches taste best when shared between two mouths? Or do couples simply have tractor beams on their lips making it irresistible to publicly display their affection for one another?
Two people in a relationship are expected to show affection for each other. Such as, holding hands, hugging, or conversing, and flirting. Kissing however shows affection when two people have the chance to be closer together, and alone. When the line between the two types of affection is erased, the deep affection that is meant to be private becomes public. As a couple’s kissing becomes the business of a high school, students feel embarrassed if caught glancing at a kiss in action, and students who are dating can hurt their bond with friends at school if all their focus is on their significant other.
Why do couples continually assault innocent bystanders who seem to have looked Medusa in the eyes as they stand like statues staring at the kissers?
Making eye contact with a set of happy kissers proved to be a costly mistake one day freshman year. On my way to Spanish class, my eyes landed on a set of pursed lips, and unfortunately I could not look away fast enough. I cringed at the sight as if watching my parents kiss, and proclaim their love for each other. When my eyes drifted north of the lips, I felt a hole burning through my forehead by the lovers’ stare in retaliation of my inadvertent gaze.
Being in a dating relationship I understand wanting to show affection for a significant other. However, I consciously avoid creating uncomfortable situations for peers and especially teachers. Walking each other to class allows couples to converse, and be flirty without tongue-to-tongue contact.
Although it may seem like a teenager’s world can revolve around a relationship, it is just as important to build friendships with those who will always be around for support. For the most part, relationships come and go except for the few cases of high school sweethearts who end up hearing wedding bells. High school is already challenging and without loyal friends it would be a wreck during stressful times.
One must consider the question: what happens when a couple breaks up and the two are left without any confidants who have been neglected for possibly the past year?
A kiss-free environment at school can be beneficial to couples and their peers. Since kisses are more intimate than hugs, save them for your own private moments, not in the crowded halls of school. Using passing time to converse instead of making out gives lovers time to be with each other as well as their friends.

The expression ‘less is more’ can remind kissers that a simple hug in school can strengthen their dating relationship as well as their relationship with numerous classmates.

The author's comments:
An essay about an insightful observation on 'public display of affection'

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