Flashing Lights

June 6, 2011
By BecauseIcan BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
BecauseIcan BRONZE, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect<3

I was walking backstage getting ready for my show. It was going to be one of the biggest shows of my career. I was playing at Madison Square Garden. THE Madison Square Garden!!! The show was sold out. I could already hear the crowd screaming my name, “JASON! JASON! JASON!”

I ran under the stage to the platform in the ground that lifts me up to the top of the stage. I could hear the dramatic entry music as it lifted me up. Once I made it to the top I could hear the ear-piercing screams from so many of my adoring fans.

I started singing one of my songs, when I glanced into the crowd and saw her. She was beautiful. Her hair fell perfectly around her shoulders. It was the color of dark chocolate and her curls framed her beautiful face. I started high fiving the audience and when I got to her, I looked into her eyes. They were a beautiful emerald green that sparkled in the stage lights.

I spent most of my concert staring at her; I couldn’t help it! She was so beautiful! As I walked off stage after my last song, I looked back for one last look at her. My last look. I’ll never see her again. When I looked, she was looking back at me, smiling. Like she was through the whole concert. In the movies, isn’t this the kind of thing people feel when they find true love? I mean, I actually go nervous knowing she was sitting right there. I never get nervous, and I don’t even know her! And now, I never will.

“Hey Jason, Good show!” My friend, Ryan said to me.


“All of us are going out for pizza once you get dressed, so hurry up ‘cause I’m starving!” He said as he walked away.

I changed into my usual clothes: jeans, t-shirt, and a hoodie. The whole car ride there, I hardly talked to anyone. I just turned up the volume on my iPod, just loud enough so that it drowned out the rest of the noise. I felt depressed and alone, even though I was in a car surrounded with people.

We scurried in and the place was empty except for one couple sitting in a booth, and a guy with glasses sitting at a table, grading papers. We sat down in a huge booth, big enough to fit Ryan, my mom, my manager, my bodyguard, and me. The rest of my crew (back-up dancers, singers, etc.) filled in the rest of the tables. We ordered a Hawaiian Pizza, and we talked about the show when the door opened. Then she walked in. The girl from the concert. Walking right in front of me. I couldn’t believe it. She hadn’t noticed me staring yet, but Ryan did.

“Dude, what are you staring-Wow. I mean seriously…Wow,” He said when he saw her. I wanted to punch him for looking at My Girl like that. Wait, she isn’t my girl, my baby, or my anything for that matter.

A little girl, who I guessed was her sister, tugged on her My Girl’s shirt and pointed me out to her. She glanced at me, did a double take, then smiled her beautiful smile, and waved. I waved back and her little sister ran up to me.

“Hi. I’m Mimi.” The little girl said in a high, squeaky voice.

“Well, hello there Mimi,” I said smiling.

“Hi, sorry if she’s bothering you,” My Girl said, running up to her sister.

I started getting that nervous feeling again, “Oh, um it’s okay. She’s adorable. Come here and give me a hug Mimi.” I said as she jumped into my arms.

“So, you guys just saw my concert right? I saw you in the audience,” I tried to play cool.

“Uh, yeah. It was amazing! Oh, and my name’s Elena by the way.” She said still smiling that amazing smile.

We ended up talking for a while. I left my table and sat with her instead. The whole time all that I was thinking about was how beautiful and perfect she looked. But somehow, I managed to carry on my half of the conversation.

“So, what’s your favorite song of mine?” I eventually asked.

“Oh, it’s definitely “I Miss You”, it’s so sad and beautiful. I actually cried the first time I heard it. That’s how I could tell I loved it.” She explained.

We continued to talk and half way through, I realized that…I might actually…love her.

To Be Continued…

The author's comments:
I had to write it for school and it ended up better than i thought it would.

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