The Big Game

June 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Act I Scene I
Jason: Friend of Michael and of his girlfriend.
Michael: Caught cheating on his girlfriend.
Bar girl: picked up last night.

Jason walks in and sees Michael and another woman on the couch in a less than suitable manner. The lights are dim; there is nothing turned on and its silent.

JASON: What the h*ll is going on?! (Very confused) [Drops the food he brought with him]

MICHAEL: What are you doing here dude?! (Scared) [Looking around making sure Danielle isn’t with him]

J: I came over to watch the game like we planned! (Still confused voice)

BAR GIRL: Well that’s what we’re doing too! (Obviously lying, very nervous voice)

J: Obviously not, the TV isn’t even on.

BG: So?! Why is this such a big deal to you, this doesn’t even concern you. (Raising her voice at Jason)

M: Dude just drop it! (Trying to stop Jason from his next words)[Throwing hands up signaling to stop]

J: No! I just walked in on my best friend cheating on his girlfriend who happens to be my other best friend too! (Very frustrated with the situation)

BG: What?! You have a girlfriend?! (Screaming at Michael)[Gets in his face]

J: Yeah if you weren’t such a bar hoe you’d know that! [Getting in between her and Michael]

M: Okay everyone just calm down! (Raised voice)

BG: Wow I’m out of here…DO NOT CALL ME! (Yelling) [Walks out the door and slams it]

J: Were gonna have to deal with this…. [Looking at Michael questionably]

M: Dude, no I can’t lose her…. (Sounds worried)
[Jason looks at Michael for a moment, doesn’t say anything and leaves]


Act II Scene I
Jason: concerned friend
Danielle: being cheated on by Michael

Jason is in his apartment pacing back and forth in the living room. Sitting down and standing up. Jason is very confused. TV is on and, he is trying to get comfortable.

[Jason pacing back and forth, finally picks up the phone and dials Danielle]
(Phone rings)

JASON: Hey Danielle, what are you up to?

DANIELLE: Oh I’m just at work, at lunch at the moment though. [Standing in line at a hotdog vender]
(Can hear Danielle ordering in the background)

J: Oh okay (Long pause)

D: Why what’s up? (Asks with curiosity)

J: Oh uh, nothing I just wanted to get a hold of you and see if we can sit down and talk about something? It’s really important. (Sounds very important)

D: Sure! What is it? If it’s quick we can just talk now? (Enthused, but also very curious)

J: Oh no, not now. Id much rather talk to you in person. Over the phone isn’t the best. (Sounds hesitant)

D: Okay that’s fine; I’m off work at 6 (With enthusiasm)

J: Okay where do you wanna meet up?

D: My house work?

J: Eh how about mine? (Starts to sound worried)

D: Okay! That sounds great! (Getting even more excited)

J: Alright, see you later tonight.
[They hang up and you see Jason pacing back and forth]


Act II Scene II
Danielle: excited about her call from Jason
Danielle’s Co-Worker: excited about what Danielle is saying.

Scene begins with Danielle at her job talking to one of her co-workers about the phone call she got from Jason while she was on her lunch in the previous scene.

DANIELLE: oh my god, guess what just happened?! (Excited)

CO-WORKER: What?! (Intrigued)

D: Jason just called me! (Still excited)[Smiling]

CW: Well what did he say? (Interested)

D: He wants to sit down and talk with me… at his house! (Raised voiced, still excited)

CW: I wonder what about?

D: Me too! He says it’s really important!
[Long pause and they look at each other]

D: I think he’s gonna tell me he loves me! [Huge Smile]

CW: What?! No way! Its Michaels best friend!

D: Who is my best friend as well. I think I have feeling for him too though!

CW: What about Michael?

D: I feel like were growing apart, I have feelings he’s already moving on...if you know what I mean? (Suggesting)

CW: Okay if that makes you happy… [Long pause]

D: We get along so well, Michael and I would make a good couple.

CW: Just remember if it doesn’t work out it could ruin your friendship.

D: yeah I know… (Now sounding worried)

Act II Scene III
Michael: concerned Danielle is going to find out.
Jason: still worried about how to break the news to Danielle

Michael is sitting comfortably, looks content while speaking to himself, but at the same time casually flipping through the channels of television.

MICHAEL: S***, what am I going to do? (Pause)
M: She’s gonna kill me… (Pause)
M: I could tell her that it was an honest mistake…and I was drunk…
M: No, she wouldn’t believe that,
[Sits down on the edge of the sofa, thinks quietly for a brief second and then jumps to his feet]
M: I’ve got it! When she confronts me I’ll play dumb and convince her that Jason is lying and just wants her for himself and has for years…. [Grins]

Act III Scene I
Danielle: excited to get to Jason’s house
Jason: Nervous that Danielle is on the way.

Scene: Danielle pulls into the driveway, checks her hair and makeup in the review mirror of her car, gets out, walks up to the door rings the bell, and awaits for Jason to open the door.

[Ringing door bell]
[Door opens]

JASON: Hey come in [Holding door open for Danielle, gesturing her inside]

DANIELLE: Thanks… [Walks through the door]

J: So… (Long pause) how was work? [Awkward facial expression])

D: Oh it went pretty good. (Casually answers like it’s of no importance) [Finding a seat on the couch]

J: Must have gotten a lot of stuff done then? (Asks awkwardly) [While sitting down on the couch away from Danielle]

D: Yeah I got a lot done today I suppose. (Beginning to get bored with conversation)

J: Oh yeah? Well that’s good. (Very awkward) [Looks away]

D: Yupp… (Long pause) [Stares at Jason]

J: So… (Long pause) [Looks away from Danielle again]

D: So what did you need to talk to me about..? [Stares deeply into Jason eyes, looks a little excite])

J: Oh that, uhm… (Pause) how about something to drink? (Very put off) [Points to the fridge]

D: No I’m okay; just tell me what’s up… (Getting anxious)

J: So I went over to Michael’s house to watch the game with him today. (Pause)

D: Oh that’s cool, how was the game. (Doesn’t really seem to care)

J: That’s the thing… (Long pause, [stares at Danielle] I didn’t really get to watch the game… [Holds his stare.]

D: Oh how come was Michael not there when you got there? [Looks kind of interested now]

J: Oh no… he was. (Sarcastically)

D: Okay what’s wrong, you seem really awkward. (Getting worried) [Sits up from the couch]

J: Well there’s something I should tell you. (Very nervous) [Sits up as well]

D: Just tell me! (Getting frustrated)

J: Okay, I walked into the house and Michael was having sex with some girl he picked up the night before at the bar… (Long pause) [Stares at Danielle for her reaction]

D: OH MY GOD! (Raised voice) [gets up and walks out of Jason’s house]


Act III Scene II
Danielle: Furious about Michaels cheating

Scene: Danielle is driving herself home and she is currently stopped in rush hour traffic.

DANIELLE: Why did I even think that Jason would be calling me over to confess feelings for me?! (Voice agitated)

D: I can’t what a fool I could have made of myself if I would have said anything before he did. (Sounds a little relieved)

D: Of course, I go over there thinking someone is gonna be in love with me and I’m actually getting cheated on. (Sounds sarcastic)

D: Oh cr*p! Michaels cheating on me! (Very upset)

D: Wait, in my house, on my couch… (Extremely mad, yelling at herself)

D: I’m going to kill him. [Head checks the lane next to her]

(Hear the car’s engine downshift and she weaves off through traffic)


Act III Scene III
Danielle: Very pissed off
Michael: No clue Danielle is so mad, or that she is on the way.

Scene: Danielle rushes through the door, throws her purse on the couch next to Michael, as he sits comfortably

DANIELLE: I should just kick your *ss. [Very mad tone, glaring at Michael, moved in front of the TV to confront him]

MICHAEL: What are you talking about baby?! (Sounds honestly confused)

D: You know exactly what I’m talking about, don’t play dumb. [Yelling and pointing her figure at him]

M: No honey I really have no clue this time. [Hands with palms faced up, while shrugging his shoulders]

D: Then you must not remember bringing that hoey little tart over today? [Glares deeply at Michael]

M: Danielle honestly I have no clue what you’re talking about, come on baby it’s me, I’d never do that to you. (Very convincing)

D: How can I trust you? (Calming down)

M: Just trust me baby. [Grabs her and pulls her into a hug]

D: You positive I can honey? (Sounding relieved)

M: Yes baby I swear. [Puts Danielle at arm length and looks deeply at her.]

D: Looks like we should sit down and talk to Jason about his lies. (Feels bad for Jason)

M: Oh no! (Long pause)

D: Why not? (Becoming curious)

M: You see Jason has had feelings for you for awhile now, let’s not stir them up more than they already are. (Sounds half-heartfelt)

D: You sure hun? (Sounds questionable)

M: Yeah, yeah, of course. (Trying to sound positive)

[Michael hugs Danielle and you can see Danielle grinning from ear to ear over Michaels shoulder]

Act IV Scene I
Danielle: intrigued by the news of Jason really liking her.

Scene: Danielle climbing out of the house window, it’s dark out, late at night.

(Sounds of Danielle stepping on twigs)

DANIELLE: Cr*p! (Sounds worried, whispering)

D: If I can just make it to the car. [Tripping over things in the yard]

D: Finally! (Relived she made it) [Trying to find car keys in her]

(Opens Car, gets in, starts the car)
(Turns around to look while backing out of the driveway)

D: Well I come. (Very excited) [With a up to no good smirk]


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