June 2, 2011
By , Anonymous, United States
I was sitting down with my friend at a party, when two men walked up to us. “Hi, I’m Josh, and this is my step-brother Joey,” he said. Despite the fact that he had a few drinks, I was stunned by how amazingly beautiful Josh was. He carried himself very well with confidence, but I could tell he was a rebel. I felt weak when I looked into his gorgeous green eyes and already felt butterflies as he looked into mine. I asked if he wanted to have a seat, but he grabbed my hand and placed me on his lap. I had a boyfriend at the time, but I didn’t get up because he was probably the best looking man I had ever been so close to in my entire life. The moment he sat me on his lap he said, “May I say, you are gorgeous.” I stared into his bright green eyes and was speechless. I hugged his neck and then he kissed my cheek. I felt like I was floating on a cloud and all my worries had gone away. When he was near me it felt electric. I never had experienced any feeling like this in my life. Maybe it was his maturity or the way he held me...but I wanted more. He was different and unlike anyone I had ever met. The moment was indescribable, as I felt his sweaty face on the side of mine and his big, moist lips press against my cheek. I wanted that moment to last forever.

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