Wife Of Dreams

June 2, 2011
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Tina has been a very lovely girl and very special to her brother Eric. Maybe because of their same age and everything else. Eric is Tina's twin brother. She has been with him through the entire thick and thins and no matter how much they fight she is still his best friend. Every time he needed shoulder to cry on or even sleep on she would be there for him. He loved this one girl so much and it made him crazy , she was the one to make it possible for him to realize that she is nothing but an attraction and there is someone more special waiting just for him somewhere in this world.

And today is the day she proved herself correct. Eric was getting married to the girl of his dreams, Susan .

"You are looking absolutely perfect”, Lily her younger sister complimented her.
Tina was standing in front of the mirror trying her best to look. There was no way she was going to look like an emoish tomboy here. "Are you sure there's nothing missing because this is a big day for him and just because of me I don't want to ruin it", she has never been conscious in her life ever before but she was having odd feelings about this day and she was trying her best to make everything look fantastic.

She opened the door when she collapsed with someone. The guy's hand went straight to his face after bumping into her. Tina was not very tall but today she was wearing long heels and some how her ankle twisted. The tall guy ignoring his pain on the nose he kneeled down to see if Tina was okay.

”I am so sorry! I am so sorry! Are you okay?” he asked panicking.

She looked up to see who this guy with such a soft voice was. She saw a guy with deep brown eyes, with perfectly applied kohl around his eyes and moving lips. She was so lost in admiring him that she was not able to hear anything he was saying. To her a mute movie was going on where only lips were moving but no sound was there. Lily soon noticed that her elder sister was making complete fool out of her self by not saying a single word. She gave a light punch on her back to make her come back to earth.

Tina shook her head and smiled.

“I am okay”, she said smiling until she stood up and her ankle started to hurt.

"Ouch!" She said when she was going to fall again but this time the guy held her waist.

” I don't think you are fine lady please sit down for a while", he said making her sit on the stool.

“Let me bring some spray" the guy said before leaving the room.

“What’s your name?" Lily quickly asked. He turned around,” Adam", he said and finally left

.Tina was still looking at that door.

"Omg! You are totally head over heels for this guy, aren't you?” Lily said reading her mind. Tina couldn't answer but smile and blush.

” Thank me for asking his name”, Tina looked up and again smiled. Her smile was so special that it could light up whole environment around.

Ten minutes went by and nobody came. She looked up her watch and started to babble again.
"Oh No! It's time! We have to leave now!”

It was time for them to reach the hall as marriage was going to take place. Any minute. Trying her best to ignore the pain she stood up and taking small but quick steps she reached the hall. Everyone was already seated and Eric was waiting for her to come. And there she was with a fake smile on her face. It was actually hurting her a lot. She didn't want this day to get ruined because of her so she didn't tell anyone about her twisted ankle and stood there in pain.

Wedding vows started to take place and then she noticed the same guy who happened to be Adam came in the hall and took place in the crowd. She looked down to his hand and noticed a spray. It made her crack up a little. He was looking at her constantly. He was looking at a girl who looked perfect. He whispered something to a guy sitting right next to him. Finally the moment came when Eric and Susan kissed. Everybody stood up and clapped in joy.

It was now evening and dinner started to take place. Everyone was talking to each other. Eric and Susan were all time covered with guests congratulating them. Tina was sitting alone in the corner under a tree, drinking her favorite drink. She had nothing to do until those two guys entered. She was looking at Adam all the time. She was enjoying it until the guy beside Adam noticed her staring at them constantly. He came close to him and whispered something; maybe it was regarding her that Adam quickly turned to notice. Her cheeks went all red and she looked away and her eyes straight went to Eric who was standing on stage with a mike in his hands. He was definitely going to announce something.

"Hello, Ladies and gentlemen; we have someone very special in this party and they are going to do something very special. They are my friends and have come a long distance to join me here. Put your hands together for Ethan and Adam."

The time Eric said friend, her mind started to run and then she realized he is the guy she used to play with a lot when she was young. That time Adam used to be so small and his hair were also dirty blonde not black. Maybe because of his new look she was not able to recognize him. She smiled at the fact that they were like best buddies when they were young and some times used to play games where she used to be bride and he used to be groom.

When she heard Adam's name her hands automatically came together to applause. But who was Ethan? She thought but soon it was clear to him when Adam and the guy beside him came on stage.
" Hello Everyone. I am Adam and this is my brother Ethan and tonight for this wonderful couple we are going to play Just for you."

She rested her elbow on table and her cheeks on her palm. She was lost in their music that it was very disappointing for her that song soon finished. Lily came beside her and rested her head on Tina's shoulders.

” He is amazing”; she said trying to show how she can read her mind.
She was talking to Lily when Eric came with Ethan and Adam to introduce them to his sisters.

” I…Are you okay now?” Adam’s first line was this. Eric looked confused

“Huh? What do you mean?” Tina started to think of lies but then she knew Eric would get to know if she is lying so she quit.

“Uh Yeah I am fine now”, she said and then turned to Eric to answer his question" My ankle got hurt in the dressing room”. Eric face went white in tension.

“Are you fine? Why didn't you tell me before “he panicked? She started to smile to see his brother babbling just like her.

“That’s what you always do? Smile when someone's in tension" Adam said noticing her smiling like before.

Soon Ethan left with Lily as Lily was showing some interest in him and none in Adam’s and Tina's conversation. Eric was soon covered with his guests again. Adam and Tina started to chat on different topic. Some silly topics and had fun with each other. Their laughs were similar and watching them two having a nice time Tina's family and friends were really happy because she is very conservative person and don't get involved in other easily. But Adam was different; it made other's think that they were just made for each other. At that night both exchanged their numbers.

Months passed by and they would be on phone 24/7. Family started to convince them to be together but both would start saying that they are just best friends nothing else. Friends would try to find moments to tease them. They both knew that they are perfect for each other but were too afraid to admit it. Tina wanted Adam to make first move and Adam wanted Tina to make first move. In this another month went by. Adam would come to visit her once in a while or Tina would go to visit him. Tina going to meet him was more often.

Finally the day came when Adam went to the jewelers shop to buy a beautiful ring. He was very nervous if he was ready for this or not. Sure he was but he still was very confused. He asked Ethan to give him suggestions how to propose her. He gave him many ideas but he denied. At the end he chose to ask her out on stage. It was the day when Tina was invited to join him for award ceremony. It was EMAs. When it was announced that Rising Water has won Best Live Act everybody was jumping in joy. Hall was full of screams. It was nothing new until Adam asked Tina to join her on stage. She was all so confused standing there, being under the spotlight. Adam kneeled down and took out a small box from his jacket. Her hands went automatically to cover her mouth. She was stunned and she was so excited too.

"Will you be with me forever? Will you marry me?" Adam finally asked THE question Tina was waiting from ages
."OF COURSE”, she shouted and hugged him tightly. Everyone in the hall stood up and applauded. Everyone was happy except few jealous and sad fans.

And after a year a very special angel came to this world. Her name was Tomasa. It's you my dear. You were born today. “Oh My God! I couldn't imagine my mom falling in love with my father like this”, Tomasa said hugging me.
“I LOVE YOU “she said." I love you too, you are my special grand daughter “, and I hugged her tightly. She is special to me and no matter how old she is now and how much she makes me go crazy sometimes; she is still my best granddaughter.

In this whole story telling session Bell rang. He must be Adam


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