An Average Girl

June 9, 2011
By pinayako123 BRONZE, Kent, Washington
pinayako123 BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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Riiiiing! The high school bell makes a clear warning that there’s 3 minutes of passing time left. A girl, who’s pretty average, not so dressy, and quite ordinary rushes down the hall. She’s holding a math book, a science book, and a history book, along with a pencil case and of course sticky notes. Every nerdy girl knows that you can’t be complete without sticky notes. “Excuse me, Excuse me, coming through! Gees, people these days are such slow walkers”, the girl whispers to herself, because even if she yelled it out loud no one would care to listen, she’s a nerdy nobody. At least that’s what she tells herself and it’s sort of true. “Oh no, I’m gonna be late to class!” She walks faster now, then she jogs, then she runs. It probably wasn’t a good idea to run in a small hallway packed with high school students who always get irritated, why? Because this is what happens…CRASH! The girl falls on her back and her glasses slide under hundreds of careless feet. “Great” she says in the tone of sarcasm. She gets on her knees picking up the rest of her belongings. Then a hand, wait not just any hand, its Derik’s hand. The most popular guy’s hand reaches out and says “are you okay?...that was a pretty hard fall” he chuckles. The girl stutters, not sure what to say. Why would he be helping me, I’m a nobody? She thinks this question over really hard and finally says “Yeah I’m fine, thanks” Wow! She handled that pretty well, I mean other girls would’ve been like “uuuuuh,’re fineeee, I… I mean I’m fine, I’m sorry I bumped into you!” when really they meant to on purpose. The girl hopes that Derik didn’t think she purposely bumped into him like all the other girls in high school did, because it actually happened all the time. Except of course they were pretty girls and he probably wouldn’t have minded.

But for the first time in her life, the girl does mind the question that burns inside her. It’s like she’s been hit by cupid and all of a sudden has a feeling of change, and thoughts of a love struck girl roam her mind. You can’t blame her, no one’s offered to give her a hand before, especially not from a popular guy. She can’t help thinking that maybe all these years Derik does have feelings for her, but is just too ashamed to show it or tell her because of how she’s dressed. The girl is actually quite beautiful inside those giant dorky glasses, knee high socks, and converse shoes. So, to make their love story come true, she decides to get a makeover. How weird is it that an act of kindness can change such a person in so little time? Well, let me tell you the answer to that question. The girl has actually had a giant crush on Derik since kindergarten, and this was the first time they’ve ever actually had a conversation and held hands! Yes, the girl’s feelings are a bit exaggerating, but it’s feelings that change a person’s heart…in this case, it’s those exaggerated feelings that change a person’s appearance.

Before I tell you about this high school romance that will soon develop, I suggest we start at the very beginning, shall we?

It was a hot sunny day in May, when a chubby little girl with hair like goldilocks was playing at the sandbox. She was a content little girl, playing with her imaginary friend Lucy. She had no real friends, so she might as well imagine one. At least that way, she won’t be afraid of losing one again. You see, our little “chubby-locks”, it’s what she was called by the other students, was often left by her friends for another friend for one reason or another, because even in kindergarten, little girls and little boys were always so snobby. But then there was Derik. Derik was always surrounded with the other little girls and boys, even the older kids wanted to be with him. Always messing with his hair, playing with him, and treating him like some kind of angel. Of course they would, he was just adorable! Not to mention being the grandson of the mayor. Yes, popularity sometimes comes with genetics, and lucky for him you can’t lose genetics.

Anyways, when little chubby-locks was playing in the sand box by herself, two snobby little kindergarteners walked up to her with a bucket of sand and poured it down her shirt. Oh poor little chubby-locks was truly devastated! Imagine how that whole year went if this were to happen on the first day of school! Imagine a whole elementary, middle, and high school life with those girls! It was horrifying! Now you can probably guess what happened next. Adorable Derik saw what those two girls did to chubby-locks, and because he had a kind heart, he kindly asked the girls to back off…well actually it was more like a command since those girls listened to him right away, and they still do to this day. But the nice girls act only happened when Derik was around. From that day on, little chubby-locks had a little crush on Derik and thought that he too had some sort of feelings for her. He was her hero after all, and the start of every great hero lays a woman…or something like that.

So from converse shoes, dorky glasses, and knee high socks, to flats, contacts, and ankle socks, the girl has transformed into a magnificent swan. Now, I don’t mean that literally but figuratively. She honestly was gorgeous in her college sister’s skinny jeans, her mom’s floral top, her freshman sister’s jeweled flats, and her new contacts. She was wearing a light make-up too that gave her a starlight glow. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she’s very fit now since middle school when she got conscious about dressing up in the girl’s locker room, so she truly looked gorgeous. You could even compare her to a model! She didn’t do anything to her beautiful goldilocks though. She just simply let it free, her curly hair bouncing as she walked past the snobs and preppies. The girl felt a bit awkward but she also gained confidence from every surprised looks, wide open eyes, and whispers of “whooaa”. No one seemed to recognize her, thinking she was a new student, but there was something the same about her. She still held her twenty pound text books and she even had her sticky notes. The girl ignores the glaring eyes and walks to her locker…right next to Derik. Derik greets her with a “hi” like he did every morning but didn’t look up. The girl replies with an excited but casual “hello”. That’s when Derik realizes the jeweled flats, then looks up staring into her olive green eyes. “Hi Annie, you look really beautiful today”. Derik gives her his adorable crooked smile. Annie smiles back and replies, “Finally, someone recognizes me.”

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a a writing project and loved it! I hope you guys will too! :)

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