Perfect Eclipse

June 8, 2011
By Fab-uLous BRONZE, Hayward, California
Fab-uLous BRONZE, Hayward, California
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In the beginning the world did not exist, neither did land, seas or men as there is now. There was no light, no wind, no life; it was like an isolated void. There was nothing to be seen but everything to be hoped. In the middle of this so called loneliness there was this tiny space holding the abstract rose of life. Its colors can’t be described because it had none and it had all of them. It shone so bright, a light just waiting to behold. Every three days a cloud would appear out of the left field and it did what every cloud does when it’s holding too much rain, it poured it all out. Watering the rose to keep it alive, the sound of it was loud as thunder and visible as lightning. But, one day the cloud decided to not make its appearance and the rose began to shake, tears coming out of it, the feeling of agony present in the atmosphere and in a blink of an eye it was gone.

An explosion had occurred making what we all call now the so earthy land. The world, it was dark and silent completely filled with nothing. But one soul of one rose was still alive and became the sun because her intensions were so pure and bright. Her brightness gave light and her pureness created something so far away. She blew all over the world for it was dusty from the explosion creating that way the wind. As soon as she blew a variety of unknown creatures formed from the dust roaring and appearing in different parts of the world. As soon as her eyes catch sight of what’s happening she goes into the greatest consternation and suddenly hides; making the world the darkest place ever made.

You will have to understand how actually nothing was happening. It was a figment of her own imagination. She had the power to create without being aware of it; the power to create not with her imagination, but in her imagination. What happened was that on the day of the explosion some chemicals messed with her head making her the creator of life but not everything went in right and this made her the creator of an abstract life.

Isolated from everything she began to cry, sob after sob, trying to make sense of it all. Her sobbing and crying made loud noises on earth making the creatures scare to death. That’s when a bald headed thing with no body or face but craters appeared floating like a balloon. Don’t be scared, I’ll help you! I’ll shine for you since your HOT sun decided to hide. In that deep vigorously voice he became their full moon in the nighttime sky.

A few hours after the moon watched how the animals grew and expanded around the world he started to hum a lullaby appealing to the soul. Animals fell asleep and plants grew from the ground all over the planet; and as we all know that one soul of that one rose embodied by the hot sun was hiding but something was pulling her like an unseen force. She didn’t understand why but she knew she had to be where she felt like being. As soon as the animals were knocked out she made her appearance and one look was enough for her to fall in love with the beautiful full moon that hummed a lullaby calling her heart to where she belongs. That same night under that same nighttime sky the moon and the sun became one creating like that a perfect eclipse. Making the sky roar with thunder and bright with astonishment making rain pour down like crazy. That same rain filled empty spaces on earth creating like that seas and sea creatures. Overly excited about the scene going on in the sky -the eclipse of course- they began forming waves making the ocean seem like it’s been brought to life.

Sadly the eclipse couldn’t go on like that forever, whether they liked it or not they were forced to separate. But it’s worth it said the moon. He told her to spread out slowly and watch as magic kicks in, just remember me when you see it, was the last thing he said that day. While the burning shining couple separated there were tiny diamonds like things left behind. Stars! The moon blinked once and the sun knew he would come back and make an even better eclipse next time, one that they would never learn to forget.

It was dark and late when something incredible happened. While the moon hummed to his stars they became shooting stars, the more he hummed, the more shooting stars he’d seen. The louder he hummed the stars just went crazy on him so he began to sing and as soon as they heard his perfect pitch they suddenly became meteors headed directly to earth. He singed louder, he knew something extraordinary was about to happen. He watched as the meteors hit land on different places on earth making this loud bomb explosion like sounds. It was like fireworks on ground. Millions and millions of stars hit the ground making it shake, as soon as they stop falling off the moon stopped singing eager to see what’s about to happen. Everything was absolutely quiet. He was carefully watching when all of a sudden he couldn’t believe what was just happening. Stars were been transformed into humans. They seemed confused, like a baby when they wake up. The moon felt forced to explain what was going on and they listened careful to what they were supposed to do, he said, love and take care of each other, reproduce and expand all over this land, its all yours, I’ll have to leave tonight but the queen of life will take care of you while I’m gone.

The next morning the hot sun knew what had happened last night, she just couldn’t be present. She helped the humans develop their lives on earth telling them what they had to do in able to survive. They were fast learners and did as they were told. Night took over and their moon watched as they grew day by day. Every night he hummed his favorite lullaby to put them to sleep. Watching, the hot sun was every night, and every morning, watching, was the moon.

That’s how the story keeps going, how life was created from an explosion like a volcano eruption. It’s interesting how it’s a figment in the rose’s soul imagination. Remember that part of the story?

The author's comments:
Wow! I love my English teacher Ms.Millan because she really helped me become a better writer. I know I can do better and I will not stop until I'm satisfy! Her words were always very encouraging! I hope one day she reads this! aha "Faby, you got some mad writing skills." Thanks for those words Ms.Millan! That really made me want to write more and more. It feels really good when your English teacher tells you that! L O V E Y O U !

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