What Else Can I Wish On?

June 1, 2011
By , Springfield, NJ
I seem to be a person that wishes on everything. Whatever you've got, I'll use. Eyelashes, dandelions, stars, 11:11, candles, you name it.
The wish I make depends on my age. When I was about 6, I would wish for a unicorn ride. Every time, I swear. As I got older, it would be for a puppy, a pony, or for that Sweet Samantha doll in the window of Toy Central.
Every wish I make now is for the same thing. What, you ask? I would wish for true love. To find someone who had the other half of my heart. Someone who would like me for me.
Turns out, I found my perfect match. Only, I'm having a hard time getting him to like me back.

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