What Cinderella was thinking Chapter two

June 1, 2011
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Chapter Two- What Cinderella was thinking…

May 9, 2000
Dear Diary,
Its not five days after I turned ten. Today mom and dad are leaving to go visit my Gramps in Virginia. Im going to miss them so much… Awesome…now I’m stuck with my Aunt Lucy and my evil Sister Megan. It’s not Aunt Lucy I don’t like, It’s Megan. Aunt Lucy is awesome. She’s my mom’s sister. She’s crazier then my mom though. She takes us to amusement parks and to the mall when she comes. She’s also almost as pretty as that Barbie doll I got for my fifth birthday (Why can’t my friends still be into dolls?!) Mark asked Megan out yesterday. What the flip does that mean? I don’t know… but she was so happy and actually nice to me. But I mean asked her out? Asked her out where?! Outside?? And I thought I could get sick form touching a boy..? But when I asked she just said that she’s become “immune” to it…Immune? Huh? But I’ll tell you what if they start being like…*gulp* boyfriend…and girlfriend… That would be awful. They aren’t even as cute as Barbie and Ken…and definitely not as cute as Mom and Dad. What is going on in this world? Please explain.
Ta Ta for now!

I closed my notebook at put it under my bed where I had put it since I was 5. All my notebooks were there.

I heard the doorbell ring and got up to go downstairs. As I walked out of my room and over to the stairs, but before I got there I heard Megan scream.

“Ah! Mark! I missed you!”

I faked a quiet gag and walked downstairs. When I got to the bottom of the stairs Mark and Megan quickly jumped apart. I watched as her cheeks got really red and what was once embarrassment then turned to anger.

“Get out of here Em! Don’t just sit there staring!”

I took her advice and walked past them and into the family room where I saw Aunt Lucy lounging on the coach.

As I walked into the room she looked up and a grin grew on her face.

“Hey Love Bug! Wanna join me? I was just about to watch a movie. I was thinking Princess Diaries but if you join me I’ll let you pick.”

Just the thought of a chick flick made me wanna vomit. My favorite movies are the Star Wars Saga and as far as I could tell Princess Diaries was far from Star Wars.

“I was thinking something like Star Wars…” She looked up hesitantly at me…”Or how about the Matrix!”

She still looked hesitant but finally gave in. I mean she had told me that I could pick the movie.

Mark stuck his head in right as I was putting on the movie.

“Did I hear someone say The Matrix?” I ignored him and looked back down at the DVD player while putting in the DVD.

My Aunt must have caught on because she jumped in.

“Yeah! We are! Hi I’m Lucy. Who are you?”

By now Megan and come out from behind Mark. Their fingers were intertwined and Megan’s face was growing more and more red with every second.

The silence was growing louder and louder. My eyes were shooting from my Aunt Lucy, to Megan and Mark’s hands, to Megan’s face, to Mark to Aunt Lucy and then back all over again.

Why was Megan holding Mark’s hand?! That is SO gross!…Why is Aunt Lucy in shock? Why does Megan’s face keep getting all red?

Megan was the first to break the silence.

“Oh…Hey Aunt Lucy…” She said as she scratched the back of her head, “have you met Mark?”

There was something that I wasn’t getting here…

“Hi Mark, it’s nice to meet you.” My aunt said with a smile growing on her face. She glanced down at their hands and then back at Megan.

There was something going on that I didn’t know about… Aunt Lucy seemed to understand why Megan was red and why Mark was holding her hand. I racked my brain trying to come up with a reasonable explanation.

The silence was growing again. I took it as time to think about what this all could mean.

My thoughts were interrupted when Mark walked over to the couch with Megan and sat right in front of it ready to watch the movie.

They were going to watch it with us?! I cant take this…

I got up and went into my room without saying a word.

May 9, 2000
Dear Diary,
You would not believe what happened…I mean when I tell you…you are going to be so confused. So I’ll take it slow. Okay so first I walk downstairs and Megan and Mark jump apart from each other…that’s the first strange thing…THEN they come on into the family room holding hands! I mean fingers all wrapped together and everything! Can you believe it?! Doesn’t it make you just wanna vomit? I mean who could want to be with Megan anyways? She’s always acting like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed or something. She’s always grumpy… But anyways. I don’t know what to think of it! I mean only people who are dating hold hands! And I mean…Oh my gosh diary…DOES THIS MEAN THAT THEY ARE DATING?!…That…is…so….GROSS! I gotta think about this…
Ta Ta for now!

I woke up the next morning really excited… but with a nervous feeling in my stomach…what was I so nervous about? Or was that anger? I remembered my dream and was excited to tell someone.

I could hear Aunt Lucy in the kitchen downstairs whistling. The smell of bacon and pancakes drifted up in to my bedroom upstairs and lured my down to them.

When I got to the kitchen, I Aunt Lucy at the stove swinging her hips back and forth as she went on whistling to another tune. I decided right then and there that today was going to be great!

She turned around as I pulled out a bar stool from under the counter.

“Hey Love Bug! How did my favorite ten year old niece sleep?”
“Good! I had the craziest dream!”

“Mhmm tell me all about it!” She pointed down at the hot griddle. “How many do you want? They’re chocolate chip, your favorite!”

“MMM! I’ll start with three! Okay Aunt Lucy…wait where’s Megan she has to hear this!”

“She went on a hike with Mark and a few friends. She said she had to leave early because of the drive.”

“Oh okay! Well Aunt Lucy brace yourself. Okay?”

My Aunt looked at me skeptical and responded slowly, “Okay…”

I ignored it and went on, “Okay so you’ll never believe this!…In my dream..” I leaned further up on my elbows to get closer to Aunt Lucy, “Megan and Mark…Were….Dating!”

My Aunt’s reaction was different from what I expected. One of her eyebrows raised and let a deep breath out. She turned and looked down at the pancakes on the griddle…What did I say?

“Aunt Lucy?”

“You see hun…” She said taking the pan off the stove and putting is in the sink. “The thing is…”

Then phone began to wring, interrupting Aunt Lucy from what she was going to say.

Aunt Lucy walked over to where the phone was on it’s cradle. She picked up the phone and she was almost instantly tense.

“Yes officer…”

“Are you sure it was…”

“Flight 169?..”

“No… I mean…”

“Okay…Thank you…”

The phone dropped from my aunt’s hands and she fell to the floor, tears running from her eyes.

I rushed over to her as quickly as I possibly could.

“What is it Aunt Lucy? Did something happen to…-”

“Hun…it’s….you’re…parents… the plane…” She seemed to cough the words out as she said what I would have never thought that I would here.

Both my mom and dad were dead.

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