What Cinderella was thinking Chapter ONE

June 1, 2011
By Smartblonde4898 GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
Smartblonde4898 GOLD, Marietta, Georgia
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May 5, 1995
Dear Diary,
Its my fifth birthday. I would really like the new Barbie doll. Isn’t Barbie so cool? I wish I could be her. She has everything. I like her big house with the elevator and all of her cool clothes. She doesn’t even have to go to school. She’s so lucky. I hate school. Mommy and Daddy are fighting downstairs. I’m listening… Mommy is saying something about rapping to the paper…? Or maybe rapping paper?… How do you rap “paper?” I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me. My older sister Megan is coming up stairs, I have to go.
Ta Ta for Now.

I stuffed my pink notebook under my bed just as Megan was walking into the room.

Megan was ten with brown short hair that went to her shoulders. We share are room. She’s always saying how 95% of the bedroom belongs to her because she’s older and taller and needs more room…? That left me on my twin size bed in the corner of the room… Anyways!

“Emma what did I tell you? You’re on my side of the room!”


“Move or I’ll go tell mom! Its time for dinner anyway!”

What was wrong with her? Maybe I just wanted a new sister for my birthday…

I walked down stair for my birthday dinner. TACOS! My favorite.

When I got downstairs my mom and dad were in the kitchen dancing to some old song. I liked watching them dance. My daddy was whispering something in my mom’s ear and my mom was giggling. I want someone like that someday. I wonder if that’s what Ken and Barbie do when they hear a song they like… I bet they do because they are the cutest couple I have seen in my whole life.

My parents looked over at me then. My face beat red.

I faked a grossed out face. “Eww mommy and daddy…you guys are silly.”

My mom bent down and gave my a kiss on my forehead. “

“Happy Birthday Sweet Heart” my daddy said as he picked my up in his arms.

Dear Diary,
I GOT THE BARBIE DOLL! Can you believe it? She’s so pretty. She has pink shoes and a pink dress and pink earrings. She’s Beautiful… Thanks for telling my parents to get it for me. All of my friends at school are gonna think im so cool! I have to go. Mommy says that even though I’m five now, my bed time is still 8:00. Maybe next year ill ask for a new bedtime. Sleep tight.
Ta Ta for Now.

(Five Years Passed)

Dear Diary,
I don’t feel older. I’m just ten. This year I want an ipod though. I’m done with all those dolls I have. All of my friends think that they are lame. I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with one of them. I’d be kicked out of our club for like my whole 4th grade year. Megan says that I’m still a baby even though my age has two digits in it now. Can you believe her? When will she be nice? Probably never. Maybe she’s really not my sister. Maybe when we were in the hospital they got her mixed up with my nicer sister. We don’t even look alike. School was so lame today. James told Kathryn that he liked me but I don’t even like James. Boys are still gross. PLUS Megan told me that if one touches me that I’ll get really sick and when I told Samantha she said that it was true and that it had actually happened to her before! Why didn’t you warn me diary? Oh and Mrs. Larson gave us a project today. She said that we all had to write about someone in our family that means the most to us. That Lady… Oh I’ve got to go, Dinner is ready! TACOS! Haha you know me so well.
Ta Ta for now!

The author's comments:
This is about a girl named Emma who's life comes to a hault when her parents die when she's ten. Her life ends up looking like Cinderella's with a twist! Check it out!

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