The painting

June 5, 2011
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The painting stood out to me like no other. No one payed any attention to it but it was all I could focus on. Beautiful I thought to myself. The museum displayed many other paintings but nothing came close to this. This was of a man. He was sitting on a chair in what looked like a bar. He held onto a bottle of whiskey as he stared forward. Distant. Sad. He was wearing a white shirt with the buttons undone at the top. His hair was messy, a perfect shade of brown, and the hair on his face needed a shave. None the less, he was gorgeous.

Those ocean blue eyes seemed so familiar and I could not look away. I felt despair. It was not fair that he looked this sad. No one should be as sad as he. I knew it was just a painting and that I didn't actually know if he was sad, but I couldn't help but feel responsible. It is not fair I thought as I tried to swallow a lump in my throat.

I was mesmerized by everything about him and everything around me seemed to fade. The room grew silent as I reached toward the painting. I closed my eyes as a tear strolled down my cheek. A hand slowly wiped the tear as I opened my eyes. I looked around the room and realized I was no longer in the museum. There in front of me stood that man. Julian, my heart seemed to know. He placed his hand in mine as he escorted me to the dance floor. It wasn't a bar after all but his country club. A slow song played as we swayed to the music. Neither of us payed attention to the stares around us. All we cared about was being together. It was all that mattered.

Finally he spoke, so softly I could barely hear him. “Elizabeth my love. You came back.” My heart fluttered. “Yes Julian. I could not think of another life without you. I will always find my way back to you.” He slowly leaned in for a kiss that stole my breath away. His lips were soft and warm as they brushed against mine. I never wanted this moment to end. Then I remembered.

He looked so familiar because, he had been my love for so many lives before. Each time that we departed from each other, we were always brought back together. Just like now. I remembered all of our past lives and each time we had loved each other with all of our heart, until I had to depart. Each time I died and left him alone, and each time it caused him pain, that I couldn't even fathom. It is not fair I thought once again.

“Will you stay with me?” Julian asked and for a few seconds I couldn't answer. Then I thought of something. I kept dying in the real world but this, this was a painting. I could stay here forever in his arms, just like this. That is what I intended to do because I knew that no matter where I was or what I did, I would never truly be happy without my one true love. He is my other half. My soul-mate. “Always my love. I love you”

We danced a few more songs and stole a few more passionate kisses before we sat down again. I would never be able to step inside the real world again, or to see this painting but I knew if I did, he would no longer look sad. He would look happy because no matter what, I'd always be with him. It is where we belong. It is perfect just like this.

“I love you too my dear, sweet Elizabeth.”

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