Because You Loved Me

May 26, 2011
By Anonymous

The sunshine from the window gleamed on his luscious blond hair and his blue eyes were shining in the light. I couldn’t stop looking at him when the teacher called my name. “Ellie?” I looked up and he was waiting for an answer to the question I didn’t hear him ask. Someone behind me whispered an answer, so I quickly repeated it in front of the class. Everyone laughed, including the teacher. How could I be so dumb? I’m in English class, not math. “Perhaps you would know the correct answer if you would stop looking at Adam and start looking at me.” Adam looked back at me in time to see my face go bright red. He smiled at me while the rest of the class snickered and then he told his friends to knock it off. That’s why I like him, he’s different.
My name is Ellie Kimball. I am 16 years old and in the tenth grade. I have long brown hair and big green eyes. I’m shy and don’t have many friends; just my best friend Hannah. Ever since I can remember, I have had a crush on Adam Welsh. Adam is tall and handsome; not the typical kind of handsome but the kind that you only notice once you get to know the person. Adam has spiky blond hair and deep blue eyes. He is kind and funny, but the reason I like him is because even when no one else cares, he does.
I remember in the third grade, we had a talent show. These talent shows were always things like hula hooping or magic tricks, but this year I had decided I was going to mix it up. I chose a song that I would sing for the entire grade, it was called “Because You Loved Me.” As I started singing the kids began to giggle. Before I knew it the music had stopped and the teachers were rushing me out of the auditorium. All of the kids were laughing and making fun of me. I don’t know if it was because I was a bad singer or because third graders are immature and jealous, but it was humiliating. The one person that came up to me and said good job was Adam. Since that day I knew I would always love him.
As I was walking to my next class Hannah ran up to me. “Oh my gosh! He likes you!” she shrieked. I shook my head knowing that it would never be true. “It’s true I know it! I could tell by the way he looked at you during class, he likes you!”
“Whatever” I said. Hannah always had these strange ideas and she wouldn’t let them go until you agreed. “I bet he’s going to ask you to Prom!” I ignored her comments and continued to my next class, biology.
During biology all I could think about was how great it would be if I was Adam’s girl friend. I knew it would never happen since he’s had the same girlfriend since fifth grade, Shelby, but I couldn’t stop wondering what it would be like. Shelby was tall and had long blond curls. She was gorgeous and all of the guys wanted her, and she knew it. “Okay class, we’re getting new lab partners today” said Mr. Olsen. He called out the partners and I listened, when he got to my name he said my partner would be Adam. A rush of excitement came over me and my heart began to race. As I looked over at him he shot me one of his beautiful smiles and waved me over to where he was sitting.
Time passed quickly with Adam as my lab partner. He was funny and a lot of fun to talk to; I think we were starting to become good friends, when one day he told me that he broke up with Shelby. He said she was cocky and selfish and he couldn’t take it anymore. I was thrilled. I actually had a slight chance of Adam liking me, and it was just in time for Prom.
I had always wanted to go to Prom, but had never been asked. Hannah would always beg me to go stag and promised that she would share her date, but I had never felt like raining on everyone else’s Prom.
The time had come. It was one night before Prom and he still hadn’t asked me. Hannah said it was because he wanted me to be really surprised, but I knew it was because he didn’t like me as anything more than a friend. In biology, he told me he was going stag since he didn’t have a girlfriend to take anymore. Then he asked me if I wanted to carpool. I decided it was better than nothing and agreed. I figured that if we were both alone, then I could dance with him at least once.
He rang my doorbell the night of Prom. I answered and he was standing there holding a corsage. I looked down at it confused and he replied, “Every girl deserves a corsage on Prom night.” I smiled and he put it around my wrist. He led me to the car and we were off to the dance.
At the dance we talked for a while and then he went off with some of his other friends. When the time came for the last dance I sighed and began to walk out of the dance when someone grabbed my hand. I turned around to see Adam smiling at me. “May I have this dance?” he politely asked. “Yes” I replied. He swept me up and carried me onto the dance floor where I had the best dance of my life. The song was “Because You Loved Me.” While we were dancing he told me that he had always planned on asking me to Prom, and chickened out last minute in fear that I would deny him. As we danced, he whispered in my ear, “I always knew you were the one.”

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on Jun. 13 2011 at 6:24 pm
SilverLuna SILVER, _________, Washington
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This really is sweet! (:

on Jun. 10 2011 at 11:51 pm
Livvyluv203 SILVER, St. Clair Shore, Michigan
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I love this! This is adorable!! :D 

Please keep writing :D

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