Roni and Joey

May 13, 2011
By emastenbrook911 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
emastenbrook911 BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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thou shall treat others how thou shall wish to be treated.

Her name was Roni. She was the outgoing, loud type. She wasn't afraid to go, or do anything. She loved music, it was her life. She was very good at playing her interments. Roni was fore foot nine, had ruby- red hair and was very cheery most of the time. Somehow she was blamed for every little mistake that she made. Like doping a pencil; the kids around her would tell the teacher that she stabbed the boy in front of her.

His name was Joey. He was the Joe-cool guy and was always mean to the other kids. He was in band along with Roni. But he was not very music smart. He had brown hair and blue eyes was six foot seven. They where in the same band hour, Roni had a crush on joey but nobody knew. Joey had a crush on a girl named Angel.

Angel was the popular type and very gossipy. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and was anorexic. Angel always wore the same sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and ugg boots every day. Angel and Roni Hated each-others guts.

It was second trimester which was jazz band. The band was doing the blues scale Roni had it down, Joey was struggling and Angel wasn't even playing. Roni turned to her friend Kayla and asked

“Do you think we should help Joey?”

“Yeah, but he is just going to argue with you and then keep doing the same thing,” replied Kayla.

“I know, That's exactly why we don’t hang out with the popular people,” I said.

“Exactly!” she replied.

“But why do they have to act so incredibly snotty and suborn?” I asked.

“I'm clueless on that one,” Kayla replied.
The next day at lunch Joey walks over to Roni and Kayla's table,

“What do you want?” asked Kayla sounding very snotty.

“To learn,” Joey replied.

“What do you want to learn and why from us?” I asked

“I want to be a better musician, and because I over heard you guys talking about me in band. I don't want to be that snotty, stuck-up kid anymore. I want to be a person like you,” Joey said pointing towards Roni.

“Let me think about it,” replied Roni.

“Think about what?” asked Joey.

“ Whether or not to teach you,” replied Roni.

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