I Don't Believe This!

May 22, 2011
By BossyGirl SILVER, Murray, Utah
BossyGirl SILVER, Murray, Utah
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“Happy Birthday May!” My best friends; Jen, Em, Maddie, Rachel, Courtney, Kat, Baylie, Skylar, (all of whom I met before collage) Anna, Brittney, Jess, Kenzie, and Diana are all in my small cramped up collage room that I shared with Jen. We all are going to the University of Utah, except Maddie who goes to Brigham Young University. It’s April 5th and all of my friends came together to plan this wonderful party. I went over to the little table that was brought over to my room during the time that Maddie took me birthday shopping in the near-by mall. I grabbed a cup of lemonade- pink lemonade, my favorite- and walked across the room to find Jen, Em, Maddie, and Rachel in a deep, whispered, conversation-there was something else coming, I just knew it! As I walked up they stopped whispering, then they came up with a new conversation that included me.

Eventually everyone went home, everyone that is except, Jen, Em, Maddie, and Rachel. They were helping me and Jen clean up. Then when we were done they told me that they were going to take me to the park, (when they say that they are referring to our little, “tradition” (which, honestly, started when we were all drunk) on someone’s birthday-when it’s dark- and we run up and down the paths screaming as loud as we can (don’t ask me why something so stupid like that is so fun, but it is).

When we got there we started looking for a good place to start, we turned around a corner that was thickly populated with evergreens, thick enough that you couldn’t see the other side of the path. We went around the corner and all I saw was this big, pink wrapping paper looking, birthday, valentines(ish) looking golf cart. My Boyfriend, Nahuel Martinez, waved for me to get in, and I obeyed. While climbing into the golf cart, I looked around, my friends were all running away, giggling.

I settled down beside, Nahuel, and snuggled up next to him, he handed me a cup of pink lemonade and gave me a box full of dove chocolate bars-my favorite candy bar. We drove out of the park and down the street to the golf course that, Nahuel‘s, best friend’s dad owns.

After we drove around for a little while he stopped the golf cart and got out, walked over and helped me out. After he kissed me he turned around and looked at the moon and commented on what a nice night it was. But I wasn’t really listening to him, because out of the corner of my eye, I saw a small, pink golf ball. I walked over and picked it up, the golf ball had the letter, “M” written on it in, Nahuel‘s, careful handwriting. I was going to ask him what it was for, when I saw another one. I walked over and picked up the golf ball, it had an “a” on it in black sharpie. There were more pink golf balls- an “r,” another “r,” and a “y.”

But I couldn’t see any more golf balls, I was sitting there wondering what in the world this meant, when it hit me, it spelt, “marry.” I am no rocket scientist, but I was catching on. I turned around, Nahuel, had taken off his jacket, his shirt had, “me?” written across it, he was down on one knee, something shinny in his hands.
Tears instantly came to my eyes, all I remember about that moment, is running over to him screaming in my head that, “I don’t believe this.” And jumping in his arms and kissing him and saying, “yes, I love you, yes.”

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