If death came today, would you?

May 22, 2011
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The ocean was brute behind the loud of the rain. Our trembling
hands fell heavy at our sides sealing us to the ground. I kept on
shaking my head ; we were not here, this was not real. The scenario
seemed to be something a widely vivid teenage girl would choose,
almost ripped off the pages of 'The notebook'. The rigid sand tingled
my feet while my once lovely dress had become plastered to my frozen
body by rain. His face looked a lot of things, but none I could read.
He was and open book with no title. His eyes looked neutral while his
lips looked hard and his faced creased. I reached out my hand and felt
a thousand cold rain drops pelt my skin, it's was so blissful, only
something that can be felt in a dream. I stepped further with my arms
resting at my sides, my feet were bare. My movements felt swift and
graceful with beauty, his eyes lit up when I was within a foots
distance. Something in him changed, like a light finally went on after
a week, he was no longer angry or scared. He was mine all over again.
His face changed, his face softened as if sucking in a breath in awe
like he saw a puppy. His body lunged grasping me in a
embrace so pleasureful I almost screamed. His body was so warm, his
arms were still toned and lean. He was still perfect in every way,
maybe his emerald eyes became glossier. I was over rushed with happiness
I forgot how to breathe.
   "Aiden" I whispered still clinging to his neck. His arms gripped my
waist pulling me closer.
   "I couldn't stand it" he whispered, his breath tickled my cheek. I
buried my face deep in his neck, his head rested on mine. Our bodies
curved perfectly, intertwining and melting into one another. It felt
so right. "Not being with you, was like death greeting me once again."
His body felt tense under my grasp, his breathing shallowed "I love
you." That's when the rain stopped and the tears began. I sobbed into
his neck, he was mumbling something I couldn't understand, he was on
the verge of tears as well.
    "You can't" I looked up at him, and shook my head violently" You
can't go!" I panicked. His eyes were red and scared, an emotion I've
never seen so vivid on anyone in my life. I cupped his neck, my warm
tears streaked my face. "Take it back-" His face cracked, all
composure he had built up over his 20 years shattered in
front of me.
    " Don't say that! If I lose you, I won't-" He bent down, and those
lips I have tasted
 so many times met mine. But it wasn't like all the ones before, it
was strong and powerful, like the last kiss before battle, the very
last. He push me closer and I held him tight. Knowing death would catch up to us soon...

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