No One Could Help

May 18, 2011
By redneckromeo PLATINUM, Centerville, Iowa
redneckromeo PLATINUM, Centerville, Iowa
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"love comes with a price and the price is pain"

There was nothing anyone could do to help Marie forget about Tyler and everything he did to her. She sat alone planning her revenge. But everyone wanted to stop her from doing something stupid. But no one could stop her, from trying to get her pay back on the cheater Tyler. Marie was determined to pay Tyler back for the pain he caused her. One day Tyler called Marie as she was writing down her plans for revenge. With a cruel thought in her head she answered her phone not knowing why. Tyler sounded alone as he said, “I’m sorry for everything I have done.” But Marie didn’t care. Tyler hurt her too long so it was done. She would never take that cheating idiot back. With a click Marie hung up, getting ready to cry. She felt sorry for Tyler, but she couldn’t go through the pain again. As Marie began to cry her phone went off with Lee’s ring tone. She answered, trying to hold back tears, but it was too late; she couldn’t help it.
Lee heard Marie’s tears and asked, “What wrong?” While Marie barely able to talk without crying harder said, “I feel sorry for Tyler. He called and said he was sorry for everything he did and he sounded alone. I just don’t know what to do, Lee.” Lee knew what Tyler was doing and Lee wanted it to stop and stop now because he can’t stand to see his best friend Marie hurt. With a short pause Lee answered, “Well whatever you do, do not take that cheating idiot back.” Marie hung up and then texted Lee saying, “I will try not to date Tyler again.” With a little P.S. note on the bottom of the page saying, “I am crying harder than I was before you called.”
Lee was really ready to kill Tyler and make him pay for everything he put Marie through. Lee mumbling to himself while walking to his car saying, “I’m done playing nice with Tyler.” Lee jumps in his car and heads to Tyler’s house not knowing for sure weather Tyler was home or not. Also, Lee knew he couldn’t do anything to Tyler without getting in trouble. But he didn’t care. Tyler needed to pay for everything he put Marie through and needed to pay now.
When Lee pulls up to Tyler’s, he notices Tyler is not there. So he heads over to Marie's to talk to her about Tyler and how she was going to get her revenge. When Lee pulls up to Marie's white two-story house, he sees two people sitting on the porch talking. So he looks in the driveway and finds Tyler’s car parked behind Marie’s moms car. Lee, mad that Marie would go behind his back and talk to Tyler again, yells, “Marie.”
As angry as Lee could be he gets out of his car and walks up to Marie and Tyler. “Marie what the heck do you think you are doing talking to that lying cheating idiot?” Lee yells out. With no time to answer Tyler gets up and runs. Lee in anger throws a rock at Tyler’s car window but misses and hits the door. Tyler driving off very fast gets stopped down the road. Lee, laughing but still mad, looks at Marie with evil eyes.
Crying Marie looks at Lee and says, “I’m sorry. I don’t want to date him again. I just had to see him one more time.” Lee a little less angry looks at Marie with a look like o.k. but don’t date him again. Still crying Marie gets up and starts to walk away. With no time to think Lee hugs Marie to calm her down. “I don’t like seeing you hurt, Marie,” Lee whispered. Marie smiles and walks inside as Lee walks to his car.
When Lee gets home, he sees Tyler’s car parked in front of his house. Getting out of his car a little confused Lee asks, “Tyler what are you doing here?” Not really wanting to know Lee sits down on his porch steps. Tyler walks over not saying a thing and sits beside Lee. Lee a little confused asked again, “What are you doing here?”
Tyler a little lost replies, “I need your help.” After he says that he just sits there awhile rambling on about what he needs help with. Lee now lost looks at Tyler and tells him he needs to slow down. Tyler then sits there and re-tells what he needs help with. Lee not knowing how he can help Tyler with his problem looks confused. Tyler getting up whispers a name.
Lee confused looks at Tyler and asks, “ Who do you like?” Tyler not wanting to answer sat back down on the step and whispers a name. Lee not being able to hear sits down beside Tyler and tells him to repeat. Tyler looking down repeats himself. Lee still not being able to hear the name asks, “Did you say Marie or Melissa?” Tyler still looking down didn’t say a thing.
Tyler then gets up and says, “I said Marie.” Lee mad now that Tyler still has the nerve to even mention Marie’s name walks into the yard. Tyler starting to follow says, “Help me I want her back. I changed.” Lee stands there staring at Tyler not saying a thing. Feeling unsafe Tyler heads to his car. When Lee notices that Tyler is getting ready to leave, he runs up and shuts the door.
“How in the heck can you cheat on Marie then say you want her back,” Lee asks, “especially when all you ever did was hurt her?”
“I love her and I’m sorry for everything I have ever done to her,” Tyler says.
“Bull you can’t just come up to me a day after you go and cheat on her and tell me you changed and want me to help you get back with her.”
“But I have changed and I want her back.”
“Just get out of here Tyler I never want to see your ugly face again and you better stay away from Marie before I get her to put a no contact order on you.”

“Fine. I give up. I hope she is happy.”
When Tyler is gone Lee calls Marie and tells her Tyler won’t be bothering her again. Marie excited yells into the phone, “YAY! I’m free from his games, and his stupid pick up lines.” Lee puts down the phone until Marie is done yelling. When he hears her stop he picks up the phone and starts talking to Marie again. Marie done talking hangs up her phone and turns on the music and starts dancing around.
Lee wanting out of his house for a while walks outside to his car. When he gets in his car he finds a note folded in the passenger seat. Confused but wanting so badly to know what it says, he opens it and reads it. It said I Love You and I have for a while. Then confused he looks at the way it is signed and it says Love someone who loves you a lot. Still confused Lee texts Marie to ask if she knew anyone who would love him. Marie not knowing says, “no, but I can look at the hand writing and then find out.”

Lee starts his car and takes off toward Marie's house to let her have the note. When he gets there Marie is outside waiting for him. Not getting out of the car he hands Marie the note and says, “call me when you know because I can’t stay. I am going to a movie with JO” An hour after Lee left Marie's house Marie calls and leaves a message about who the handwriting belongs to. She cut off too soon. I got to know who it is Lee says to himself.
Lee in the movie texts Marie and goes who does the handwriting belong to? With out thinking Marie puts the handwriting is __’s. Lee now starting to think Marie or one her friends are behind it gets up and goes outside. He sits outside wanting to call Marie but decides he shouldn’t. The movie lets out and JO comes out and asks, “What’s wrong?” Lee looks at her but doesn’t say a thing,
“Marie is hiding something from me and I want to know what it is,” Lee finally says.
“Give me your phone.” Jo says. So Lee gives her his phone and she texts Marie. Marie got mad and stopped texting Lee back or in this case Jo back. At school Marie would never talk to Lee no matter what. Whenever Lee asked about the note Marie would walk away and never answer. Lee was mad and walked to his locker. When he got to his locker, there was a note tapped to his locker. It was from the same person. Lee didn’t want to know what it said.
Lee not wanting to throw the note away opened it and read it. It said I saw you with Jo the other day, and I still love you and I want to get rid of her. Lee started to think it was Marie who was writing the letters to him and that’s why she would not answer the question. But Lee doesn’t want to date Marie. He only wanted to be her friend. Lee thought and thought and it always went back to Marie.
Later that week Marie got a text from Tyler that said, “I know that I got issues but you’re pretty messed up too” She didn’t want to talk to him so she deleted it. Lee texted Marie and told her to meet him at Starbucks down the street at lunchtime. Not knowing if she would show lee goes there and waits. To his surprise, she showed so Lee handed her the note and said I just got this. Marie says it’s the same handwriting as before.
A year past and Tyler has not texted Marie or even called her at that. Marie was happy and just started to burn everything she still had of him. When she drops the last picture in, she hears a car door slam. Walking to the front yard she saw Lee holding his phone. Marie walks over to Lee and takes the phone and reads the message. Lee takes his phone back and a demand to know what the text meant by saying that she was lying about everything. Mad and not giving Marie time to answer Lee runs to his car. He yells, “I am going to go to the park and see what this person knows.”
When Lee pulls into the park’s parking lot he notices Tyler’s car sitting in the lot. He says, “Oh great. He is the one who sent the message.” Lee gets out and hears what Tyler has to say and finds out Marie was right. She didn’t know what it meant. Lee mad heads back to his car and gets ready to leave when he notices a picture on his window. Getting out he picks up the picture and looks at it. It was a picture of Marie sitting on a bench with Tyler behind her kissing some other girl. Lee knew Marie didn’t know about this picture, but he wanted to tell her.
To be continued.

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