There is Always a Glacier

May 16, 2011
By b1336dutton BRONZE, Ontario, California
b1336dutton BRONZE, Ontario, California
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There is Always a Glacier
It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.

Well, since I have never loved a boy, I fully agree with that statement. This sucks! Seriously, I’d rather be Rose in Titanic than Jackie Underdon in Boredom: The Jackie Underdon Movie. At least she got to love Jack for a few days. Sure, he died and she never saw him again, but hey! He COULD have fit on top of that door with her. She was just selfish. She was SELFISH and she even had a boy that loved her.
Oh, how I’d love to slap my hand on the inside window of a fogged up automobile.
Anyway, if I haven’t said it yet, I am Jackie Underdon, and I have the most boring, boy-less life EVER.
My mom always tells me that I am too young for love. I say ‘pish posh.’ I am a seventeen year old girl with raging hormones! I need a man, dammit!
Sorry for my outburst. I am just rather frustrated. Even Kelly
‘Pigeon-toed’ Wheeler has a boyfriend. I mean, he is pretty obese and does use his inhaler every five minutes. BUT, it doesn’t matter. They are deeply in love. At least that’s what she says every day in our honors pre-calculus class.
My best friend Valerie Turner and I have always sworn away those things we call boys. We always said that all we needed was each other. Sure, we had a couple other friends, but Valerie and I. We were two pees in a pod. No one at our school could say one of our names without saying the other. ‘Valerie and Jackie’ and ‘Jackie and Valerie’ and never anything but.
I guess people got a bit annoyed with our closeness, but we didn’t care. We were completely happy being ‘Valerie and Jackie’ and/or ‘Jackie and Valerie.’
Anyway, those were the good times. Now, I’m looking for a new best friend. A new girl to talk s*** on other girls with and to hate boys with. Wondering what happened? Me too. Well, you see… Brad Davis happened. Valerie and I were those two girls that didn’t care about anyone else; just cared about having
fun and being best friends through whatever high school problems came our way. Okay, we didn’t exactly hate boys. We still had our crushes. We just… came to the conclusion that none of them would ever want to be with us. We NEVER, I mean NEVER were obsessed with any boys.. BUT if we were… we kept that hidden far away from each other. Anyway, Brad Davis. Valerie was NEVER, and I mean NEVER into football boys. I guess she changed her mind. Not only is Brad Davis a football player, he is the best player on the time. AND HE PICKED VALERIE! MY BEST FRIEND! Oh man.
He’s not my type in ANY way, shape, or form, but… she still has a boy to love her.
And now… he’s her best friend. She barely talks to me now-a-days. So, yes. This is why I need a new best friend. I say best friend because I know I’m not getting a boyfriend. I don’t know why not, really. I don’t think I’m that bad. I’m pretty presentable.
God! I want a boyfriend. Girls seem so happy when they have a boyfriend. A hand to hold, lips to kiss, arms to lay in. It’s
not fair really.
My mom’s friend Heidi is coming over. My mom told me to look pretty. I’m confused why. Maybe Heidi is a lesbian or something. I mean, her name IS Heidi. But still, I don’t know why my mom would invite a lesbian in our house. My mom’s pretty conservative. And why would she want me to look pretty for a lesbian, middle aged woman? Gross, mom.
I took a shower, blow dried my hair, did my make-up, and put on my lucky outfit. Hopefully she doesn’t fall THAT much in love with me.
Heidi walked in, wearing mom jeans and a USC sweatshirt. She didn’t look lesbian. The sweatshirt was a little bit for her, but that was all that looked lesbian about her, so I was pretty relieved. My mom introduced us, and she told my mom how ‘darling’ I was. I hate those old lady words. I guess it would have been weird if she told my mom I was hot or foxy, though.
Heidi kept looking at the door and I was starting to wonder what she was waiting for.
Finally she walked over to the door, opened it, and standing there was the most gorgeous brown haired, brown eyed boy. Standing there. On MY porch. We caught eyes and he looked just as excited as I felt. “C’mon in, Jack,” my mother said to him.

Oh dear god. His name is Jack.
All I know is… he is going to fit on my door. I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.

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