May 16, 2011
You were once my sunshine. I loved you with all of my heart, and without you near my world was darkened. I thrived on being with you. Every time we touched, every time we kissed, I felt like I was floating on air. My dreams were always filled with visions of you, and waking up was an unbearable torture.

Just like sunshine, you were warm to the touch. My skin got an unexplainable sensation whenever you even just brushed by me. Your hand, so big and protective, held mine, small and delicate, so gently, like one would hold a newborn. You were like air to me; I couldn’t get enough of you. And like air, without you I could not survive.
I can still feel your lips against mine. I can still taste what that felt like. I can still hear you whispering ‘I love you’, your breath tickling my ear. I can smell your cologne; remember how it always rubbed off on me too. It was like you were marking your scent on me, claiming me for yourself.
You were my own personal ray of sunshine. Your light reflected off of me, I know because whenever you and I were together, I would glow. All the dark and evil things that happened to me diminished when you were near, and replaced them with the happy life I had always craved. When you, my sunshine, were near, I saw the world through a different lens. It was clearer, and it was oh so much more beautiful.
You were like a break in the clouds on a rainy day. I could see the pretty blue of the skies, and the sun peeking through. No matter where the break was, it always shined on you. You sparkled like a thousand diamonds were imbedded in your skin. I could stare for hours at you, shining in your own personal spotlight that followed you everywhere. Every move you made was in perfect choreography, like an intricate dance that takes years to fully master. I danced alongside you, and as long as you were leading me, I had no trouble at all with the complex steps.
The sun is a star. You were my star. You were my perfect little gold star. You made everything prettier, more colorful. But also like the sun, you are made of fire. If in your presence too long, I walk away with a scorching mark on my skin. The mark is there, for all to see, no chance to hide it. It looks bad, but it hurts even more. People look at it, seeing the big red patch, and assume that I just wasn’t careful enough. But that is not true. I was very careful, but I was hit in the one place I was not looking.
The sun rises each morning, greeting me into each new day. It rises, higher and higher, until it peeks at the very top. Then, as fast as it rises, it begins to descend, lower and lower, until it has left. You were my sunshine. You were warm and you felt good. Then you began to hurt. And now, you are my sunburn.

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BVBfangurl said...
Jun. 7, 2011 at 11:08 am
really really good i loved it
zero1 said...
Jun. 3, 2011 at 7:00 pm
great job very emotional
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