Bundles of Peaches

May 11, 2011
By ClubberLang BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ClubberLang BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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A peach can be a delicious fruit that is a pink and beige combination of color, and is covered from top to bottom in a thin coat of fuzz. This covering of fur makes the peach a magnificent article to stroke continuously from dusk until dawn without becoming bored in the slightest. Peaches as one could figure out after a short test, do not bounce extremely well on concrete or any other surface for that matter. Peaches are a sweet, and somewhat tangy fruit that is a cousin of the citrus family, but is so unique that is can be classified with a completely different taxonomy altogether. The peach can be baked, sliced, diced, spliced, canned, chilled, heated, stewed or really any other method of cooking that could be conjured up. As one could conclude, whoever first stumbled upon the peach should be awarded the most prestigious achievement possible, for the peach is possibly the greatest item of sustenance ever noted. The fruit, peach, does not play a major role in the development of my life, or the shaping of my character. No, the peach is but a speck on an endless plane of objects, feelings and occurrences, but Peach is quite another story.

Upon my entrance into English class of my 9th grade year I was caught off guard by a silent young fellow who sat quietly and calmly in the aft of the classroom. A written or verbal description would do this young man no favor, for his appearance can not be explained in its entirety from simple words. This behemoth of a man had a pale skin tone, but not ghostly, and appeared to be about six feet tall. His black curls of hair spun tightly around imaginary centers, and the locks could never reach his ears. His eyes were that of twinkling sapphires, shining in the summer sun, after being waxed with the finest of polishers. His head overall was somewhat rectangular in shape, like that of a shoebox. Although nobody mentioned this to him for the stout man’s head was indeed the same shape as his arms. This young man had cannons for arms. The biceps must have measured at the minimum 6 inches from his triceps to the top of his biceps. As well as his pectoral muscles popping out of his shirt in the least clandestine of fashions. This mammoth of a man was a mystery to me, until he spoke of how he was subbing for a classroom down the hall. As this beast departed, what seemed to be a miniature replicate of the substitute previously standing in the corner, came into view. This child was addressed by the classroom instructor as Patrick, but every other student had denoted him as “Peach”. I will never forget that day when I was introduced to none other than Peach. Peach sat quietly in the back of the classroom, such as the man had done. Peach never fooled around, never intimidated anyone, and never disrupted any lecture the teacher was presenting. I left this day taking many things with me in my travel bag of knowledge. My wisdom gained can be summarized as: “Do not, until done upon. Speak not garrulously, but speak when spoken to.” This seemingly simple, but indeed quite intricate group of teachings, has helped lead the path to fruitfulness in my life. I realize that I need not what I may seek, but instead be pleased with what has been supplied by our Mother Earth.

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