Friendly affairs.

May 11, 2011
By DakotaBEvers BRONZE, Suffolk, Virginia
DakotaBEvers BRONZE, Suffolk, Virginia
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"She looks like a dream, but talks like a nightmare."

Once upon a time, there was a nice boy, who liked a nice girl. The nice girl was totally oblivious to the hidden desires the boy had for her. So she kept her desires hidden as well. Until one day, when the boy told the girl he loved her, with all the might inside his small infatuated heart. But the girl said, “I’m sorry, I’m with someone else.” The boy cried every night, until she broke up with her boyfriend. The girl wasn’t sad, rather she was a tad relieved, but the boy told the girl he couldn’t be friends with her anymore. So they fought, a biblical fight, two of the greatest friends ever. Punches were thrown, tears were cried, and feelings died. On the girl’s side. The boy couldn’t take it after a few months, he reconsolidated with the girl. They were friends again. He still loved her, but she couldn’t trust him with her heart. She dated someone else again, and the boy’s heart was broken. Until he was informed by the girl, that she had passionate feelings for him. He felt excited, but scared. He let his hopes drive uncontrollably up the wall, and she told him the dreaded F word. She summoned it in its biggest form, the heartbreaking kind. It brought him to reality, back to level 1. Within a twirl of her tongue. Friends. Now the boy wonders. How it could have been, if he had been nicer in the end.

The author's comments:
It is only fiction in your mind.

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