Love is Pain

May 19, 2011
As I lay here bloody…and broken…I think about the last 17 years of my life…I was a likeable girl. I always had friends…I had parents who loved me…I had a boyfriend who adored me…or so I thought…I met him when I was a freshmen in high school 3 years ago. He was tall dark and handsome…and he wanted me…I couldn’t believe it at first, and my friends warned me about him…but I didn’t listen. I didn’t care because he wanted me. I decided that they were jealous…My freshmen year was memorable…and he was so sweet. He bought me roses and gifts every week…he met my parents and they loved him! He even asked me to accept his promise ring…I was elated…But over the summer he had to get ready for college…so I spent time with my best friend. Her name was Allison and even if she didn’t like my boyfriend, she still understood. Because Allison and I couldn’t drive, we made her brother Kevin drive us around. Kevin was nothing like Tris(my boyfriend), he was into bands and video games. He had light hair and these bright evergreen eyes. Tris had eyes as blue and dark as the ocean during a storm. Because Kevin drove us everywhere I began to really get him. He liked cars and lifting weights…he was really into soccer…and at the end of the summer I found out…he was really into me. After he told me I started avoiding him…I knew Tris wasn’t happy about us hanging out which is why I stopped…For some reason Tris and I changed…He didn’t call me as often and whenever we saw each other he was moody and always snapping at me…I thought things would get better…but they only got worse…on October 3rd we went to this party hosted by his fraternity…Things were okay between us…Sometime during the party I accidentally stumbled into Tris…my drink spilled all over him…I was apologizing and*slap*a sharp pain hit my cheek. That was the first of many beatings to come.

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OceanFlower93 said...
May 28, 2011 at 8:18 pm

I would honestly love to know how i did or what you think i could do better so please let me know

thank you:)


SilverLuna replied...
Jun. 1, 2011 at 4:43 pm
This is great, draws the reader in. The only thing is instead of starring the slap like this *slap* italicize it, slap.
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