School Days

May 6, 2011
By Batman711 SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
Batman711 SILVER, West Chicago, Illinois
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It's Life Baby.

Bell rings. Class has just begun and the one person I love seeing has just walked Into the class room gliding like they were a skater at a roller rink. Looking straight past me. I could've expected that since I am so not his type. I'm a guy and he is a guy. He's the average straight jock and I'm just someone he sees in the halls. Whatever, my day will go on. 

What seems like hours pass and the class finally ends. Our last period of our last day and there is supposed to be this huge party going on at one of our classmate's house. You know like a final goodbye to our high school life. Everyone is going to be there. The party is gonna start sometime around eight and by then the moon should be out, and the swimsuits will be on. I myself arrive late with a couple of my friends but luckily the party hasn't even begun yet. 

Walking into the house I saw a variety of different groups. Goths, punks, preps, jocks, nerds, you name it and they were there. This was the biggest party of the year. Anyone not here was going to be missing the night of a lifetime. Walking out to the back yard you saw a huge crowd of people just mobbed together laughing and crying with joy. In the middle of this mass was a huge underground pool lit up but still and undisturbed to the mass around it. Music was blaring all around and the all too familiar red cups filled with something very undefinable was in everyones hand. 

Just then the average group of preps all walked in together and you could tell that they had already had some pre-party drinks. The party seemed to gain some more life while they were walking in. Everything became louder and the people seemed to attain an energy, as if the moon had just been shown to a pack of werewolves. 

For me it was different. The room slowed, I saw only him. Him and the way his body curved. He was toned from all of the sports he played and the clothes he wore accented his body almost perfectly. He dressed just like the normal prep, the crowd I hated the most. But for me the way he looked, smiled, and acted was just perfect in all ways possible. 

It seemed to me that his life was perfection. Nothing more, nothing less. He walked around the room like he was trying to sell merchandise. Talking to everyone with great confidence and such ease. With a drink in his hand he hugged people and did his usual greetings with his teammates. For one second he looked over. He acknowledged my existence. He looked me straight in the eye with his bubbling blue eyes and smirked. He immediately went back to doing what he was doing and it seemed to barely phase him, but gave me chills and made me weak in the knees. 

The party continues and I wash down drink after drink. Luckily I know how to hold my own. The party just keeps getting better and the best song I have any recollection of came on. Pulled to the dance floor by friends I start dancing like I never imagined I ever would. Maybe it was the buzz but I didn't care about anyone around me. It's all about the fun right now. 

Time gets lost as the dance floor shakes with life. A touch catches my attention, something I'm very aware of, unlike everything else, overcomes my senses. I turn to examine the situation with out changing my energy or dance beat. Its Him. Back turned toward my direction. It was only an accident but the electricity I felt made me so aware of everything. It gave me chills from the point the touch originated from. I turn around and continue my trip of bliss with musical accompaniment. I zoned out and forgot the world. But again a touch shocks me back to the world. This time it lasts longer. I look again. Same guy, same position. He is still dancing with his friends and still facing away from me. I ignore it. Just another accident. I go back to dancing with my friends and no longer than three minutes pass before I feel a breath on my neck. It sends chills down my body. A hand holds my side. A body mass cradles my back against itself. My body goes limp for a second. I freeze trying to remember who was behind me last. Him. My dream guy. I smile and look behind me to see the blue eyes I have been waiting for. But it's not. It's my ex. Drunk like a frat boy on spring break. He smelt like a liquor store that had just experienced an earthquake and now all the liquor was splattered on the floor. 

He whispers "Let's get out of here and go back to my house."
My body shudders from the thought of him touching me. 
"Get off of me Lance!" I yell trying to restrain my hand to my side. 
The near crowd turns toward our situation trying to figure out what had happened. One of these people was him. It was Rj. He actually cared. 
"Come on B, baby" he slurred loudly. 
He came close trying to grab my sides again. 
"No Lance, get off of me." 
Lance made a small lunge for my lips. 

I lurched back trying to reject his unattractive attack. But it failed, he had made sure he grabbed my arms before he made the effort to kiss me. His lips reached mine and all I tasted was a concoction of liquor, malts, and cigarettes. The kiss was shocking, tightening, I couldn't move if I wanted to, and I really did. Shoving him away with all my might he barely moved since he was built like a brick wall. 
"You know you liked it B. You can't deny that." 
Seconds before I could answer a black silhouette moved in.

"What the h*ll do you think your doing?" Rj's deep voice bellowed out. 
Immediately the entire crowd stopped and the mass around me experienced silence for what seemed like the first time. 

Lance moved sloppily toward Rj and Rj stood his ground. "Who do you think you are?" Lance managed to speak back with out a slur this time. 
Rj looked at me with concern, and confusion as of how to answer. "I'm his friend, a close friend."

My mind started bucking with thoughts. Close friend? Finally he really does care for me, and he's actually showing it. 

Lance looked confused. He had never seen this kid before but somehow managed to be a close friend of mine. He backed away slowly, but not before trying to kiss me again. This time Rj was there to reject his lunge for me. I was very grateful. Rj turned to me and asked if everything was alright. I gave the average "Yeah I'm fine," response. He didn't believe it, i could tell. But he accepted my response and said "I'll see you later ok?" I could only nod in approval. 

My friends and I went back to the kitchen to get some drinks and maybe a few chips. The kitchen was a big kitchen. Very open. With this island right in the center of the entire place. It fit so perfectly. 

I somehow made my way to the section of random, very strong, drinks. Again, I felt a breath on my neck. I immediately shivered. I moved quickly trying to get away from him. "Lance! GO AWAY!" I yelped. To my embarrassment it wasn't Lance. It was Rj. 
"Sorry Rj. I thought you were Lance. I got a little concerned." 
Rj didn't even say anything. All he could do was stare. Not with anger or embarrassment but with an urge. I have never seen a look like this before. He wasn't looking at my eyes. I was confused at what he was looking at so I wiped my face trying to get off what ever was there. It was nothing. 

An electricity surged through my sides. It surfed my blood, it rode to my heart and made it skip a beat. But it didn't stop there. The surge kept riding my veins until it reached my brain and my vision blurred. It lasted like that for about 30 seconds. When my vision came back I could see Rj still staring intently at my lips. He began to lean in. His perfectly moist lips puckering lightly. His eyes closing slowly. His lips touched mine for what seemed to be an eternity. The best infinity of my life. His lips made me feel chills that only carried waves of pleasure on my nerves. Shocks that stimulated my heart, my mind, even my soul to do nothing but twisting flips, and gymnastic moves I never knew possible. 

The pleasure ended unexpectedly. He was taken aback as he realized what he had done. He looked at me made up some excuse as to how he was so drunk and thought that I was his friend-with-benefits. Some likely story. But what was I supposed to do beside accept it, move on, and never talk about it again. 

While thinking about it I was crushed. He clearly had no affection toward me and I could tell after that kiss. I really need to have a few drinks now. I grabbed the strongest smelling drink on the island and dumped half of it into my cup. I looked intently at the red cup and made my decision. I chugged it all in three seconds flat. No in between breaths and no regrets of what I had just absorbed. 

The dance floor was the place I wanted to be right now. Grabbing the hand of my nearest friend I dove through the crowd like a truck driver during rush hour, avoiding the mass and swerving in and out of clear spots. Seconds later my feet hit the floor and my body surges with an eager-ness and I dance. I dance with my heart on my sleeve and after three minutes end up leaving the depressed organ on the floor. 
"I'm done. Let's go sit down." 
My friend and I go to find a room with silence and a tranquility that we can just talk in. Luckily a room had just opened up so we snuck in and closed the door. 
*sigh* "I just don't know what to do anymore.  " Just that second there was a knock on the door. 
"Is anyone in there?" It was a low voice. Very deep. Sorta familiar. The door opened and a familiar hand peeked in. Seconds later a body walked through the door. It was my ex. "Lance you need to leave." I said concerned. He could sense my scared attitude. 
"Could I just get a moment alone with you?" He did seem to be collected. And calm. So I guess it was ok. 
"Sure, I guess." I said. 
My friend left insecurely. Almost like a zebra watching for prey. 
"What do you want?" I express irritatedly. 
He locked the door. 
"What the f*** do you think your doing?!"
He walked slowly toward the bed I was sitting on. 
"Lance, stop it. You need to leave right now." 
The words I shot at him had no effect on his demeanor. I could only cower as his body blocked the only exit to this room. I backed quickly into the corner of the bed trying to make as much distance between me and him. He leaned on the bed, and the entire bed shifted toward his weight. He started to shove me against the wall as he licked his lips. A knock on the door made Lance hesitate for a seconded but he continued, realizing that the door was locked. He continued approaching me. 

I heard my friends voice from the door asking if I was all right. I could barely respond. "You need to get in here!" I screamed. 
"I can't, the door is locked!" she responded muffled. 

At this point in time I knew I was on my own. And here I am not able to do anything. He began to strip in front of me still holding me down with his knees on my body. He had managed to get all of his clothes off except his boxers. Now he was on top of me literally ripping my clothes off. 

Thump. Thump. A cracking noise came from the doorframe. Thump. Thump. SNAP! The entire door whipped open to reveal Rj standing there, p*ssed off like a rhino after an attack on it's family. Stomping through the room Rj grabbed Lance by the neck and threw him to the ground. Lance began sliding almost crawling on his back. He was doing anything to get away from this raging bull. 

Lance got up the second Rj looked away and sprinted out of the room in nothing but his boxers covering his body. 

Rj came over to me, with the gentlest of looks. "What happened? Did he hurt you?" I could only look into his eyes thinking of the event that had happened earlier. My shirt was ripped from the collar down to my mid torso. His hand rubbed my bare chest. It gave me chills. He looked into my eyes, and put his hand on my heart. The warmth of his touch made me feel compelled to lean toward him. He leaned close and kissed me for the second time. This time it was warm and very passionate. Like music mixed with beauty and art. His lips released mine and I never felt so bare. He stared, grabbed my hand gently, but with force. He pulled me down the stairs to the still, very active party and made sure everyone saw us walking hand in hand. He then sat on the couch and pulled me on top of him. He displayed me like a prize in a showcase. After people started to murmur he looked me straight in the eyes one more time. He put his rough hand on the back of my head and pulled me in to give a kiss that changed my life. Our lives. 

The author's comments:
I was just thinking about everyday life and how stereotypes can b broken.

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on Jun. 21 2011 at 6:36 pm
OMG my Baby gurl! this is amazing you are one of the best writers i know i love you so much keep up this awesome skill!


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