Waiting Position

May 6, 2011
By jmswriter1 SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
jmswriter1 SILVER, Champaign, Illinois
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I was crouching in the shadows, holding my breath. I was so silent and unmoving that I scared myself with the sound of my breath. The eerie darkness began to eat at my mind, what could be lurking in the shadows? Should I be scared, or exited? Sudden noises make me jump, barely. As I think about a clock's hand ticking, moving, jumping from each little black dot to the next, I find my eyes growing dryer, my joints creaking, my brain wondering. I take my hand and stretch it out in front of me, I flex my fingers, and I notice all the bruises along my arms and legs. I notice how fast I got off focus. I set my hand quickly, silently onto my knee, and a feel like a ninja. I look around, peeking my head out to see a better view. I slip back into my holding position. Moments later, everyone floods in, walking by, jumping, running, hopping, skipping. None of them know I'm here, now that I think about it, they won't notice me if I step out for a moment. No one will think I'm anything more than one of them. So I slowly stand up and move into the crowd, moving with all the other bodies. All at the same time, everyone waves their hands in the air, high above their heads. I let my arms lift into the air, feeling a smile break onto my face. While all our arms are in the air, I jump, I let my head pop above all others, I let my fingers tickle the clouds. On my way down, from a jump that I got lost in, I see all the bodies becoming distant, growing further and further from me, and I'm still in the air. I curl into a ball, and I tuck and roll into the shadows. I try to catch my breath as the lights turn off, and I go back into waiting position. Next thing I know, I'm sleeping, dreaming.

I'm hopping from cloud to cloud, letting my hair fly behind me. The pink clouds look so delicious against the light blue horizon. My hands reach out, arms extending, fingers flexing, heart pumping. A warmth surrounds my fingers, and I turn, letting the warmth grab around my side. The heat is on my back, keeping me alive up here in the clouds. The warmth is all around me now, we're swaying back and forth, back and forth. I tilt my head back, and I look around at the source of what consumes me. And in the blink of an eye, it's all gone. All the little clouds like sheep, pop, and the blue sky, setting, getting deeper, pops, and everything goes black.

My eyes are open, and I'm staring at the ground, the cold, pale floor. I see my breath, catching on the floor, like breathing out on a winter day. I slowly start sitting up, thinking about what I'm doing to myself. I get so I'm in waiting position again, and I feel my eye brows, sinking down on my eyes. I'm mad. I sit here in my little waiting position, and I see, I hear the people coming. I stand, and then I walk into the crowd, and I make the doughnuts, and just as before, I end up hiding out in the shadows, where I can't be seen, where I'm unknown, where I can just be who I am. I take my binoculars out and look across the jungle floor, sweeping the sky with what seems to be my soul. I spot something, and I take my binoculars down to see what it was. It was warmth, in my waiting position, waiting with me. Waiting next to me, waiting for me. I stand quickly and brush myself off, I see that, even without moving from my waiting position, I'm not in the shadows anymore, I'm vulnerable. Everyone can see me, standing with the warmth. I look at the floor, and I feel a warm hand on my shoulder. I look up, at the face of the warmth, and I smile. I swing my arm around and place a confident hand on Warmth's waist. I shake my head and look up, with a huge splat of joy on my face. My teeth are showing and yours are too. We take a step, and another, until we're dancing. I let myself drift away from you, and I swing back in, and we sway, back and forth, back and forth. I turn and face you, I take your hands and pull you to the shadows, and we sit, in waiting position.

The author's comments:
Try to read in between the lines. Find the true meaning:)

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