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April 29, 2011
By nevergivingin BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
nevergivingin BRONZE, Hampton, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Something pure to burn away the darkness that hides inside my mind" - Andy six

I wish so desperately that we could go back to those moments on the sidewalk. When we would both listen to your iPod with the earbuds dangling between us. You would hold my hand as we walked to school and everything would be perfect.

Right now I'm struggling to get you to look at me.

"Noah, please...I'm so sorry"
I say. Trying to apologize for my mistake once again.

He finally looks up at me, and my heart nearly stops. His eyes are wet with tears and his face is red. But in his eyes is a look he has never given me before: hate. A fiery, painful hate that resonates from him into me and makes me feel as though I'm falling apart. The beautiful face that once was my world, and still is, has no interest in me. And now I know that this mistake can't be erased. I've lost him forever.

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