I Dream Of You

April 25, 2011
I dream of you as I began to drift away in deep sleep. I dream of us together waiting for the storm to stop. Your smile was warm and welcoming. Your eyes calmed me down after a day of hectic activities. You smile at me often enough that I thought it was real.

I dream of you with your arm around me. I dream of a cold night, and we were together. You gave me all the warmth I needed to passed the night away. You kissed my forehead softly, telling me it was going to be okay. I did not know what to expect when your warmth reached me. You gave me comfort, I could stay curled up with you forever.

I dream of us, together, forever smiling. You gave me warmth and comfort while I gave you--- what did I give you?--- I gave you, nothing. You stayed next to me even if I was so troublesome. You wiped away my tears when I was sad. You brought back the joy and smile in my heart. You stayed next to me and made sure I never shed a tear. In my dream.

I dream of you. I dream of your warmth. I dream of your comfort. I dream of you staying next to me. I dream of us, together. I dream of you, could you have noticed?

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HayWay said...
May 5, 2011 at 9:31 pm
i love this!!! You did a really great job of detailing how it felt :)
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