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April 4, 2011
By Babbe2 BRONZE, Northbrook, Illinois
Babbe2 BRONZE, Northbrook, Illinois
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When Life gives you lemons make orange juice and see if the rest of the world can figure it out
~ I don't know

I always have to argue. Everyday all the time. I have to and I don’t know why. When my mom wakes me up in the morning, I argue, 5 more minutes please. When I go to eat breakfast, I argue. I don’t think I have ever done anything without arguing, until that glorious day on November 10.

I was born in Turin, Italy in 1994. When I was 12 we moved to Pairs, France. I had to learn a whole new language just to move four hundred and seventy nine miles. But now looking back on that move it was the greatest move of my life. When I first saw the house I was surprised but I wouldn’t let my parents know because if they knew then they would know that the arguing was all an act. And I could not let that happen. Ever. But when I walked into my new room that my parents had designed just for me I was in shock. It was perfect, I was so happy that I almost lost it in front of my parents and cried with happiness and hugged them. But I couldn’t do that so instead I told them to get out and then I slammed the door and cried, with happiness but also with sadness. Most people lie to their parents sometimes but they don’t lie to them for their whole life. But I have. And I didn’t think I would ever stop but I also didn’t know what Paris would bring me.

“Beep!” My alarm goes off at four in the morning on a Saturday in Paris. It has been two weeks since we moved in and my goal is to get up at four every morning. So far I have been doing well and driving my parents crazy at the same time, plus it lets them know I am like no other 16 year old girl, in Paris or Italy. I get out of bed and into my shower. Then when I’m finished I go and put on my favorite pair of jeans and my bright orange baggy sweatshirt. I grab my iPhone out of its charger along with my ear plugs and walk out of the room.

I go into the kitchen and instead of grabbing a granola bar and a glass of orange juice I
decide to grab my wallet that’s on the counter so that I can stop by a cafe for breakfast. I don’t let my parents know I’m leaving because we made a deal when we moved to Paris that I could leave whenever I wanted as long as I had my phone. I don’t think they expected me to get up at four in the morning. Then I grab my key to the house and walk out the front door. As soon as I get out of the house I talk a deep breathe. If there had to be one thing I liked about Paris it was its beauty. Especially at four in the morning when the sun is just rising. I walk down the street and see a few people walking their dogs. I really need to get a dog so that I’ll have someone to walk with in the mornings. I put my earphones in and turn on my music, ever since we moved to Paris I learned about all of their music and I love it. I can only understand a little off the lyrics but it sounds great and I love it. I turn towards the outside of Paris were all the best cafes are plus there are never any tourists. I walk until I get to the last cafe and walk in. I’ve been to all the other ones on this street and this will be my last one next time I’ll have to find a different street full of cafes to try. As I walk into this one I smell the food from the kitchen and take a seat by the door as I take out my earphones.
“Bonjour, Je suis votre servante, ce matin, que voudriez-vous?” (Hello, I am your waitress this morning what would you like?) The waitress says as she walks up to my table.
“Je voudrais un verre de limonade fraîchement pressés et des crêpes, s'il vous plaît.” (I would like a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade and some crepes, please.) I decide.
“Oui une minutes” (Yes, one minute) and she walks away.
If you ever come to Paris I suggest going to a small cafe one not very known to tourists and get something and just people watch, it is one of the most extraordinary experiences ever. And its what I do every morning that I come out here. But on this particular day it changed my life. I sat there looking out and I saw him. He was tall and had jet black hair that went up to the top of his neck. I was immediately in love. I had read books that this had happened but I thought it was a whole bunch of junk. It couldn’t be true, I mean love at first sight just doesn't happen. But it does. And that is what I was experiencing as I saw him lock up his bike then take a seat and call a waiter over. I couldn’t believe my eyes I stared at him for what seems like hours but most have really only been a few minutes because right then my waitress came up with my food.
“Oh, um Merci.” I say being very thankful that she awakened me out of my gaze.
“Votre accueil” She says as she sets down my lemonade and crepes. I then immediately try and look for the guy but when I look back he is gone. I slowly eat my food and let the taste envelop me. Then after what has probably ten minutes I say,
“L'addition s'il vous plaît”(The check please) And the waitress comes over with it saying,
“Merci d'être venu” (Thank you for coming) I then pay and turn my iPod back on and start walking around Paris.

The view of Paris is amazing, and that's from someone who used to live in Italy. I walk down the now crowded streets, filled with bakery's, and small little shops. You can always tell who the tourists are. The look on their faces is just so funny its like they are seeing a god or something. To the natives like me its quiet funny! I walk back home in a daze only thinking about the guy I had seen. When I walk in the house my mom is in the kitchen making lunch because it was already noon by now.
“Hey sweetie, what do you want for lunch?” Still daydreaming I say,
“Whatever your making.” Her mouth drops to the floor, I had never not argued about anything before in my life and she was in shock, I just ignore her and walk into my room. I flip open my computer and check my email and to see if anyone is online to chat. Luckly my best friend from Italy, Adriana, was on.
OMG! Nicoletta! I miss you so much!
OMG same! Paris is OK not as awesome as Italy of course!
Yea so anything exciting happen lately?
Well yea actually just a little while ago...
Well I got up at four this morning (I know its crazy that's what i now do to bother my parents but its also kinda nice) and went out to get some breakfast at a cafe, they have the greatest places to get something to eat here love it, anywho I was just sitting at the table waiting for my food to come and he was just standing there. Well walking by but still and he was the most gorgeous guy you have ever seen. I think I’m in love.
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!! So of course you went up to him and said hi and are gonna meet somewhere again soon... right?
Well, no, I kinda just sat there in shock until the waitress came up with my food and when I looked back he was gone.
I’m sorry I just panicked...
Yea I get it... I have something to tell you too

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I wrote this and then kind of stopped if I write more I'll put it on when I can!

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