April 18, 2011
I take in his cologne as I settle onto his chest, my chin tilted up and my arm across his stomach. His perfect stomach. He didn't have abs, it wasn't even the least bit toned, but he didn't have any fat on him. He wasn't chubby. He just had a normal stomach, like any tall skinny fifteen year old would. I kinda just smiled to myself and looked up at his eyes. He was looking up at the sky with stars littered all over it. Not a cloud in sight. It was just a perfect night, but what was he thinking about as he took in his surroundings? His breathing was shallow, along with the wind brushing against my flushed cheeks, and his chest moved up and down slightly. It was a comfortable motion. Was he thinking about me? Is he uncomfortable? What if he doesn't want to be here? What if he does, but not with me? I went through all of the bad thoughts that had the potential to race through his mind, but I lost my track of thought after I realized his gaze was locked on me. I wanted to hide my face. He was probably just counting my flaws.
I studied him as he blinked. He has perfect eyelashes. They were dark, and long. Not girl-ish long, no, they made him look caring, and sweet. He's so cute. He's so perfect. I could watch him blink everyday if I could, and never get tired of it. I hope he never stops blinking, at least not while I'm still around. I linked my fingers through his and closed my eyes. I snuggled my head into him and recited a verse from one of my favorite songs, Kiss It Better by He Is We, "Stay with me until I fall asleep." It didn't make much sense if you knew the song, it's about a guy who was in jail for killing the man who killed his girlfriend, but that line fit perfectly right where I was. With him.
I felt his chest jolt up a slight bit as he chuckled and strained his neck to kiss my forehead as he spoke two simple words, "I promise."
That night I slept perfectly, the rhythm of his heartbeat working with mine, and our hands intertwined.

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Odessa_Sterling00 said...
Jun. 10, 2011 at 2:35 pm
I love it!  It's so cute and sweet. This is what I want some day.  Some day soon.(:  
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