Life In Multiples - PART 1.

April 17, 2011
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Jasie laid on her back in her basement alone surrounded by a multitude of empty ice cream cartons and candy wrappers, feeling a multitude of different emotions; none of which she had the slightest clue what to do with. Sure, she knew the wrappers and garbage went in the trash can, but what about the intense feelings of rage, guilt, and anger she felt? As much as she wished she could just toss those into the trash too, that didn’t seem like a possibility. Especially not after she had spent the past two hours curled up in a ball feeling sorry for herself. Listening to Taylor Swift, crying, and eating her weight in chocolate usually helped, but for some reason, this time, it only made her feel worse. She rolled from her back to her stomach and rested her chin in her hands. Directly facing her was Darcy, her white Chihuahua puppy, who had been given to her on her 14th birthday. On most occasions, Darcy was Jasie’s own personal Dr. Phil. Her ears were always open, and she was perpetually willing to listen to whatever was going on in Jasie’s life. Jasie let out a long and exasperated sigh before she began. As if Darcy knew what was coming her way, she made herself comfortable on the carpet just inches away from her owner. “I am officially the most doltish girl in this entire city!” She started. “Not only was I seeing the most absolutely incredible boy I’ve ever come across, but I also still had my two best friends! I should have trusted my gut feeling and stayed in last night instead of sneaking out and going to that stupid party with Hillarie and Addison.” She suddenly felt intense fury toward her two best friends roll through her like a tidal wave. It was their entire fault she had gone to the party in the first place. It was their fault she they had given her too much to drink. It was their fault they hadn’t stopped her from kissing another boy behind the shed, against her better judgement, and it was their fault they had told her boyfriend, Carter, where she was, so he could catch her cheating on him while she was plastered. As soon as Carter had seen her with another guy, he had stormed off; making it very clear from the string of obscenities he had mumbled on his way that he never wanted to see or hear from her again. As she stumbled sullenly back to the house where everybody was, she was alarmingly notified that Hillarie and Addison had already been picked up, meaning she would have to return home instead of sleeping over at Hillarie’s. As she walked herself home that night, the cold wind nipping at her bare arms sobered her up, providing her with a large pool of emotions to deal with. She let herself in through the front door, and began to sob. She put on her favourite track pants, crawled into bed, and she was asleep by the time her head hit the pillow.

As she recollected the past night’s events, tears streamed down her face. She buried her face in her hands and began to wail. As the tears came, so did the realization that it was going to be a very long night.

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