Soul Mates

April 18, 2011
I'm stuck! I'm not sure what you call this cage, but I can't get out. Buh dum, buh dum, buh dum. It sounds like that. Its loud; its all I ever hear. buh dum. buh dum.
And All the deep, dark stuff... She crams it down here with me. It stains my once pure, innocent, white exterior with colorful sin. At least, I think its sin. Greed! Envy! Marking my perfection in intense shades of green. Anger! Hate! Lust! Painting my innocence with a passionate array of reds. Sadness... Despair... Darkening my purity with deep variations of blue. And the Fear! The Cowardice! Perverting my flawless with its unmistakable yellow. I am a mess. A mess of sin and of multi-colored taints. Only a tiny fraction of my beautiful, white innocence shines through.
And yet, I feel like I'm missing something. Could it be there is a color I crave that has not already ruined me? No, it is not sin I long for, I reassure myself.
And all at once, my whole body is tingling with unexplainable joy. I feel that need sizzle away and a warm, right connection being made. With what though?
Just as I ask myself this, the warmth intensifies. I wonder for a second if it will become so hot in my cage that it will melt away the smudges that cover me. No, but soon I feel I will melt.
I quiver with excitement. I suddenly realize what may be happening. Could it be??Could I have found one of my own? All of my questions were answered when a colorful being, not unlike myself, shows up in a cage just like mine. I am suddenly self conscious of my stains. Will it approve of me?
As if to answer me, my cage skips a "buh dum" and releases all the tainting filth along with me. As I look up, I come in contact with it and I know I've found what I was looking for. It speaks to me."You are beautiful." As it speaks I can feel it. An unbreakable bond has just been formed that will last until the end of forever.

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elliottch said...
Apr. 26, 2011 at 8:36 pm
Very well written and an interesting take on what a "soul mate" is! I liked it a lot
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