Bittersweet Dreams

April 16, 2011
By Jamimlia SILVER, Provo, Utah
Jamimlia SILVER, Provo, Utah
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"What is this?"

Rebecca lifted her head up to look at Kevin, who was innocently looking at her from the hotel's big, comfy arm chair. Staring at her and lifting a handful of popcorn to his mouth, Kevin blinked. Rebecca turned back to the DVD player.

Freston High was going on a field trip to Albuquerque, which was two days away. They were resting at Sunrise Suites, four people to a room. By a stroke of luck, Brady, Vanessa, Rebecca and Kevin got assigned to a room with two beds (Thank goodness.). Vanessa and Brady went to sleep instantly, worn from the drive and waking up at 5:00 A.M. Rebecca and Kevin, however, slept on the way and looked for something to do. Rebecca had brought seven, Seven, seasons of law and Order. They decided. They would stay up watching law and Order until one passed out. Then the other would go to sleep.

"What is this?" Kevin repeated.

"law and Order."

"I know, what season?" he asked.

"Three, I think. The cases from three and five look a lot alike." Rebecca explained.

Kevin nodded. Rebecca pushed a button on the player and the theme music burst from the TV. Rebecca quickly turned down the volume.

Kevin didn't seem affected by the loudness. "Brady snores. Don't worry about him." Kevin reassured Rebecca about his best friend. She shook her head.

"It's not Brady I'm worried about. It's Vanessa. V will murder me on the way back for waking her up." She lifted her eyes to look at Vanessa, peacefully sleeping. A sigh of relief escaped.

"What one should we watch?" Kevin asked when Rebecca sat down next to him in the ridiculously large arm chair.

"let's do Animal Instinct. There's a crazy person in it and the actress does an amazing job." Rebecca answered, taking the bowl of popcorn away from Kevin.

Kevin tried to reclaim his popcorn, but Rebecca held it out of reach. He sighed and selected Animal Instinct. It started with a black screen, and a voice said,"In the criminal justice systeml"

"The people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime, and the district attorney's who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories." Rebecca chimed in with the voice.

Kevin glanced at her.

"I find it really sad you've memorized that." Kevin said. Rebecca shrugged.

"Whenever I get the chance, I watch law and Order." Was her reply. Kevin took this opportunity to take back the popcorn. Rebecca reacted, yanking the popcorn to her. Kevin was ready to pounce butl

"And maybe with a hunk of cheese they'll talk." Said one of the detectives, Mike logan. Both teens snapped their heads to the hotel TV, avoiding each others eyes.


Kevin never knew Law and Order could be so interesting.

It was suspenseful, as well as funny at some times, and heartlwrenching at the other times. But what amazed him most of all, was Rebecca's ability to watch hours and hours of it. That is, until she passed out next to him.

While one of the episodes was on, he suddenly felt a weight on his right shoulder. He turned to see Rebecca's head on him. He turned a bright red and turned back to the screen. His heart was beating so heavily that it would fall out to the floor and keep beating.

It wasn't a clean floor, either.

Being very careful not to wake Rebecca, Kevin reached for the Mint Oreos. It was rather funny how they got them. Brady had brought them on the trip, hoping to impress the Mint-loving Vanessa on the way. However, Kevin and Rebecca were also mint-loving, and stole them.

"C'mon, it's in his bag somewhere..." Kevin muttered as he searched his brother's belongings.

Rebecca fidgeted. "Brady us going to kill us!" She exclaimed.

"So?" Kevin replied, turning and holding his prize. "At least we'll die together.

Idiot! Kevin realized how close he was to revealing his secret. He was in love with Rebecca since they were twelve, four years ago. Four years ago, when she started becoming beautiful and strong. Four years ago, when he noticed. Four years ago, when his change of heart changed absolutely everything.

"Dying together? Yeah, right." He muttered under his breath. He sighed, causing Rebecca to turn in her sleep. He froze for a few seconds until she settled. Then he ran his left hand through his hair.

Didn't he seen her face when Seth arrived? Didn't he see her face com alight with joy when he was near her? Didn't he see that he could never amount to Seth, who at this very moment, was in the hotel room across the hall?

Kevin turned to Rebecca, still sleeping. A few strands of hair fell in front of her face. Gently, he brushed them back with his hand. She didn't move.

"Rebecca, I know that I'll never be the lover you want. I know that you won't pick me over Seth. So I'll confess now." Kevin took a deep breath.

"I'm in love with you." The words were soft and quiet, but they fulfilled the purpose Kevin wanted. Kevin felt sleep overcoming him, so he took one last action before he closed his eyes.


Vanessa awoke to sunlight falling on her face. She yawned, stretched, and saw the clock.

"It's 8:30!" Vanessa was filled with pure terror. Everyone was supposed to meet at ten, and breakfast started at nine. She threw off her blanket and went to wake Brady.

"Brady!" She shouted. "Brady!" She started shaking him.

"Wha..?" He mumbled, pulling his blanket over his face. Vanessa yanked it off.

"HEY!" Brady shouted, covering himself in his pajamas.

Vanessa took no notice. "Get Rebecca and Kevin up!"

She threw his blanket on her bed and flew to her bag, in search of her towel, shampoo and conditioner. She pulled everything up and went to the bathroom.

"Hey V." He said, rubbing his eyes and pointing at the giant arm chair.

"What?" She asked, looking in that direction.

Rebecca and Kevin fell asleep, Rebecca's head on Kevin's shoulder and Kevin was leaning against the arm rest of the chair. Brady turned to her, grinning wildly.

"Don't you think it's cute they fell asleep holding hands?"

The author's comments:
I heard this line at an airport once. Enjoy!

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