I Wish You Were Here

April 13, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s not that I’m desperate. Really, I’m not. I wont tell you that she’s wrong for you and throw a fit. I wont proclaim that you two are perfect for each other and secretly cry to myself. I wont be made to look like a fool by my own doing. I’ll sit here calmly, patiently, silently; without an uttered protest, without praise. You see some girls would be disheartened and cry about how much they want you, how much they need you. But that’s because they’ve had you, or well, they’ve had the you that I’ve never gotten to know. The part of you that is to be kept a secret from me I guess, because I’m the friend, right? I wont tell you that you’re wrong and I wont tell you to love me instead. Really, I wont. I don’t want you to be Romeo and I wouldn’t ever want to be Juliet. But I will tell you what I wish most. I’ll tell you just how I feel. I’ll tell you that the night you stayed up with me, just talking to me, quietly, it was lovely. I will inform you that when you don’t talk to me, I feel empty inside. I’ll tell you that the deepest secrets you’ve told me, I’ll keep them, forever. You should know that the memories you’ve given me make my days brighter, and I wish you would remember that we’re friends. I wish you would realize that I had never intended to be here as a second thought, but for you, I would wait an eternity. I wish you could see that I don’t mind if you don’t want to be with me, I just want you to be my friend again. I wish you knew that when people say things against her being with you, I defend her and you. I wish you could see that my face may say that I’m ok, but my eyes tell you a completely different story. But more than anything may I wish, I wish you were here.

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