Romance #3

April 13, 2011
By Cody_Colon BRONZE, Ayer, Massachusetts
Cody_Colon BRONZE, Ayer, Massachusetts
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He lies awake, staring at the dark sky littered with stars. The night is quiet and the only sound heard is the occasional hoot of an owl. The fireflies glow in the distance, contrasting against the midnight tree line. In the distance, he sees the sun, rising from the darkness, bringing life upon the forest. The green treetops begin to take shape and the colors burst through the darkness. The unknown becomes clear, physically and mentally. The young animals awaken from their deep slumber. The hoots of the owls become scarce, while the young birds begin the high pitched chirping. The beautiful scenery unable to escape his mind. How can something so complex be so beautiful in its simplicity? This thought lingers in his mind as something just as beautiful enters his thoughts. Her voice is the only thing he can think of at this moment. Her soft lips speak the calming words he longs to hear. Her cheerful laugh caresses his ears, as they yearn for her voice and her voice only. The thought of her soft, porcelain skin makes him feel at home in this wilderness. He turns around in fear and looks toward the woods. A small, light brown deer slowly walks out from the woods. It grazes on the sparkling green grass, dampened by the morning dew. The sight touches his soul. Nothing has made him feel this way since the last time he saw her. The only thing he has left is a photograph from their first date. A young couple, striving for a lasting relationship. He remembers this day like it was yesterday. His goofy smile, joyous from the occasion. Her beautiful smile, radiating still to this day. He holds the picture close to him, hoping that one day he can see and hear her one more time. The oranges and pinks of the sunrise float effortlessly as if painted in the sky. He closes his eyes and pictures her. Her being the last thought before sleep.

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