I'm Sorry Your Dreams Are Broken

April 13, 2011
By bigdreamsbigheart PLATINUM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
bigdreamsbigheart PLATINUM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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\\\"When I stand before god I want to have no talent left so I can say,\\\"I used everything you gave me\\\"\\\"

I cried when I heard your dreams were broken. I cried enough for the both of us. But unfortunately you weren’t able to see my tears. It’s not my role to be in that red chair sitting next to the hospital bed. If I could be there, if I could be her, I would tell you all the good things and make your frown into a slight smile. Only if it were a small one, you would bring light to the room. But my role is now only to show my sympathy through short phone calls with your mother and texts with you that don’t even make a sentence.

Your depression is taking over that beautiful heart and flooding your eyes with sadness. And I realize your letting go. But I’m caring enough to tell you that your dreams and your heart is what made you breathtaking to everyone. And if I was only there I would tell you I have a dream for you…and it is that your going to continue on in life and overcome the hardships that are presented to you. And because of the perseverance, that has become one of your best traits, you will have the best future. One that scholarships and the love for baseball couldn’t of even gotten you. And in the eyes of many you will be strong. You will be invincible. And many will look up to you in admiration. In the future many will look up to you. I know I look up to you.

So I know right now that it’s hard. And it hurts to hold on. But just remember everything happens for a reason, and you were put on this earth for a specific reason and maybe god has bigger plans for you than homebuilding and baseball. And maybe breaking your arm was one of the obstacles in his plan for you.

And I know how much you loved home building and baseball, and I loved the fact that you loved it. It made me happy to see a passion in your eyes, and your heart. And right now I don’t have any answers on how to make this better and put the light back in your eyes. All I know is that be the man that you always have been, because that guy I know can overcome anything.

The author's comments:
My ex-boyfriend just fell off a 30 foot scaffholding and broke his arm and has had to give up baseball and his scholarships

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